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If You Work At Best Buy...


... you are a douchebag.

Nah, I'm just kiddin'.

No, really-- total douchebag.




Parody threads are overrated.


I work at a large wholesales store and we do have a major sales section full of TVs and Blu Ray players. What we do is hide the newer models and try hawk the older models at the same price. Douche move yes,but people need to do some research before blowing $500 on a 42" tv.


When I purchased my flat screen -- I can't remember the inches since I'm not a guy -- I spent a lot of time looking at every model/options/price. There was a couple there where the husband looked like he'd done his research so I asked his opinion. He agreed that the one I was considering was a great buy for the money. I never buy new technology when it's new. Way too overpriced with potential bugs.


I'm not a guy and I know that my TV is 42"...

Or am I a guy?


You have a nice butt,bro.


Nah brah, they're too big. Gotta stop squatting, switch to leg press.


Nice legs too brah


You don't think they're too girly? Maybe I should stick to curling in the squat rack... brah.


Absolutely hysterical. I'm not sure if that implies you're just not a TV afficianado, or for some reason they asked all the girls to wait outside the classroom when the teacher was going over weights and measurement.


The question is what kind of jeans do you wear.


If you're a guy then I'm gay...


Working at best buy blows.



Well... this thread took an interesting turn.

It'll be more interesting if Austin gets here.



Fuck anyone that hates Best Buy emploeyees. The fact that I can lift more than 99% of the fuckers in the world speaks for itself, plus I am sexy, intelligent, and philsophise deaper than Socrates himself.

Pardon spelling errors I am hammered.



30% of my drinkin partnas work at BB, plus the mobile dept. girl hooks me up on the regular.


I work as a Best Buy Mobile sales consultant and I have prospectful pussy working with me. I know self phones like it was lifting weights.


That's a cushy job, all you do is BS and flirt all day. I've thought about working part time there.