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If You Were Writing An E-Book on Steroids


If you were writing an e-book on steroids, GH, IGF, and all that good stuff- what would you include.

I recently finished up writing an e-book, and I have some time left to add things to it...so...I'm wondering what you guys would put in to an e-book like that if you wrote it.


What would you include, personally? What interests you?


One of the things that I'd be interested in is things like timing?

For example: are there foods, supplements, ancillaries that can inhibit or maximise the effectiveness of different compounds and how should you organise your timing around this?

What about otc supplement protocols that will minimise any health risks associated with various compounds?


I would be looking for a book that gives you a template with which you can individualize down to the last detail. I'm talking about what to stack together, how much to take, how long to take it, integrated training and nutrition information, PCT, etc. Everything and the kitchen sink!


A tear-out discount coupon for Lab "X". That shit is way beyond my budget!!

Seriously, i look forward to it Anthony, i'm sure it will be an informative read : )


What I've always wanted to know is something that would require some major inside info. Looking back at the pumping iron video those guys look awesome! I would like to know the real deal on these guys cycles. There's no fuckin way these guys took a few dianabols a day. With their lack of nutritional knowledge and overtraining, there is obvioulsy something else to attribute to their success.

Obvioulsy they trained very hard. I'm not taking that away from them, I actually envy the way they trained. So can you fill me in here? Or out of repect are these things that just aren't meant to be talked about?

Tin Can


I pretty much agree with manmeat. I would like your thoughts on supplementation while using AAS. Also a discussion about different training protocls and diet whilst on could be interesting. Perhaps something beyond the usual advice of "Dude, just eat a lot of protein and train heavy"

While this certainly isn't bad advice i wouldn't mind the oppourtunity to read a little more from someone as educated as yourself. At the very least it could serve to stimulate more discussion amongst everybody on these subjects and that certainly wouldn't be a bad thing.


I would be interested to see how you could use Turanabol as a bridge between cycles.

Or a solid orals only cycle (even though pinz are best, so many newbs ask about orals only)

Personally I would run

and Whinny

Of course anti-e and PCT as well


I would like to see more info on proper nutrition during a cycle, any foods, supplements to avoid, interactions with alcohol and or other recreational drugs.


You would want steroid information on cycles from the 70's in a new E-book?

I don't think that's something I can really pursue...I mean...I can do stuff from professional BB'ers now-a-days...


I just noticed manmeat is wearing a shirt that says catcher! Not that there's anything wrong with that. Sorry for the highjack...


I was really considering putting information like that in the book, actually....

Hmm...nutritional info, huh? I'm not sure if that's going to be touched on, because I have a HUGE chapter on Nutrition in my Print book...I don't want to really overlap and have two competing products on the market...

I'll look into it though...


Definitely some other benefits that aren't as widely known (other than helping with muscle, strength or fat loss), and maybe a hit-list of the most common misconceptions about each subject.

Maybe even some less common misconceptions for those who already know of the most common misconceptions.


Sully, Sully, Sully...how many time do I have to tell you that it is just a waste of time to bang two super sized McDonald's meals into you before popping a couple of e's, shooting some heroin, snorting some coke, smoking some rocks and then guzzling down a quart of scotch while you're doing your HRT...if I've told you once I've told you a million times...McDonald's has too many carbs. Think of your waist line.


Oh, and instead of having that be a separate section, you could have a list of misconceptions after each subject, chapter or whatever, that pertains to whatever you just wrote about.

Just a thought, but then again, I'm not much of a writer.


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Yes from the 70's. To undrerstand the present sometimes it's best to study the past. If that's not possible I understand. But I've always wanted to know this.

Today's bodybuilders you say? Hell yeah I would like to know how much gear they are pumping in their body! Something that would be cool would be a log on one of those guys. Like when he wakes up, what is taken, how much, when, with what, and why? Oh yeah and where the substance is shot.

Any localized theory's could be cool aslo, like calves, biceps...All steroids, igf 1, insulin, gh, nootropics, everything! You could even call that segment the 5 W's of some bodybuilder.

Another thing you need to do is go through T.C.'s email's and file cabinet to tell me who bodybuilder X is. God dammit I want to know! Seriously if half the stuff I mentioned here is in your book, I think I would buy it!


I can definately do the professional BB'ers cycle thing. I'll look into that...


I would like to see a play by play of the last few weeks before a show. Diuretics use, which drugs they switch too, all the "secret" stuff nobody likes to talk about.


I guess you can't tell me who bodybuilder X is. What if you made a hidden word puzzle? You could make us search for words like deca (that would be an easy one) then growth hormone and so on. Then the letters that would remain would spell out his name. Or even better it would be a clue! Like the Da Vinci code. This way nobody's rights were violated. It would be a coincidence of sort. I say include it in the bonus chapter. People always like bonus chapters!


I sent an e-mail to a few professional BB'ers that I know and asked if I could get my hands on their competition and off season cycles, if I didn't use their names.