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If you were me ... which program would you choose and why?

Here’s my photo (top is after, bottom is before - I know they look similar).


I’m 20 years old, at Penn State, 5’11, 173(yes, its true even though I dont look it), last time BF% was 6-7

I’m now bulking, due to some great feedback from the Photo forum. Trying to follow the massive eating guidelines.

So, with all this in mind, which program would you choose to do and why? I’m trying to get bigger in the upper torso area. Also, how many days a week should I lift (3 or 4) and how many, if any, should I do cardio?

I’ve read a ton of t-mag articles, but I just want to hear your input … thanks!


Try Christian Thib’s OVT. Groove had some good things to say in the ice dog forum. You can find the program outline there as well.


foget your upper torso getting bigger…your ENTIRE body needs to get bigger! You do not need specialization and that type of thinking will keep you at the exact same size you are for a very long time.

You need to change your thinking. Also, there are thousands of programs here. Use the search function. I hear it works pretty good.

You are asking about training to get big. Any program can get you big if YOUR DIET is in order. This is the most important and often times, overlooked aspect of bulking. Pick a program, GVT, GVT2K, OVT or CW’s Anti-BB program. Then make yourself eat. Tons. Meat. Meat. Meat. It is tough, but you can do it.

Just go silly on the calories. The chances of you getting fat are pretty slim, (you are obviously an ectomorph) if you eat heaps of clean food with lotsa protein. Then have an “eat whatever you want” day. Basically do the massive eating diet, i think its a whole lotta fun!
As for training, i try to focus on strength gains in mass gain cycles. If my strength has gone up 20% then there has to be some extra muscle under ther somewhere, if my weight goes up 20% who knows what it is, even body fats tests go tell you how much water and carbs you are holding.
Follow the basics. Do a basic strength phase for 6 weeks with deadlifts, squats, bench, military press, barbell row and pull ups and then follow that by a fancy hypertrophy program like GVT or EDT etc for 6 weeks.
This sure has worked for me in the past and still gives me the opportunity to try out other workouts without deviating from the basic for too long.

Like everyone said, almost any program will work if you eat right. I don’t know if I would just anything though. Find out how many calories you are eating right now and add another 500 to it. Now, you might have to add more depending on your intake right now. Just keep adding till you start gaining weight. I would also try to eat clean. Check out the “Foods that make you look great naked” article in the previous issues of T-mag. It’s alright to put on a little fat but I don’t see the sense in putting on more than 10 pounds of fat.

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