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If You Were Financially Set...?


What would you do if you were financially set? Meaning you didnt have to work anymore yet live in reasonable means?

There have been a few posts on debt and how much money it takes to get by and while standing at my machine for 12 hours at work last night my mind started to wonder and I thought about what I would do if I could stop working.

First I would get in the best shape my genetics would let me. I would sleep as much as possible and lift reliogusly, maybe train in MMA to build some strength also.

Than I would take a few years and travel as cheaply as I can, backpacking and what not. Just seeing the world.

I enjoy wasting my time daydreaming about things like this.


all i would do is sleep in, train, then lay around in the sun, then maybe have a nap, train, go on a picnic.

basically live how arnold did in the 70s


Ok, I'll drift into fantasy mode for a minute. I would have my own spread in some pristine Colorado wilderness area. My ranch would have a good sized personal gym and I would have a few horses, a shooting range, and guest facilities for friends. This would be my world other then occasional forays back to society for whatever reason.

Alright, back to the real world.



Two chicks, man.


Go here and then read the book:


Your dreams are closer than you think.


"You don't need a million dollars for that."

"That's what it'd take for two chicks to double up on a guy like me."


I'd have a nice cabin somewhere in the forested mountains in the west. Hiking, fishing, and 4-wheeling would be primary hobbies. I'd have my own gym set up and curl in my squat rack to my heart's content :slight_smile:


I'd also like what BigRagoo would have haha.

I was looking through old log home magazines from when we built ours, I have a scrap-book or sorts in my tool box at work of exactly what I want. If all goes well I coule have it by the time I am in my mid 30's.

it has to be very secluded and on a river so I could fish from my pourch and not have to deal with Any idiots.


You mean 2 girls 1 cup?

Type that in as a URL!


Two? Just two??!

Try an ever-rotating harem of hundreds, constantly being refreshed via a first-in, first-out methodology, with extraordinary hotties of every ethnicity, color and creed, personally screened by me for beauty, proper physical proportions, skill set and bodyfat percentage, all living for nothing more than to be -- and stay -- a respected member of my own personal harem. :slight_smile:

Is that to much to ask . . . ?


Fuckin A.

I'd buy a 54 foot hylas and sail around the world.


put it all on red


This book was written for me. I must obtain a copy and read it right away.


I'd go back and finish (or restart) my PhD. Only thing I really regret not finishing (so far).

Study, brush up on my languages, travel some - and actually ... work a bit. Not for the money, but for the satisfaction and the positive influence on my students - give something back.




I'm thinking I would first stock up on whatever anti-HIV meds Magic Johnson is using, and then go live in Brasil indefinitely.


I think sailing around the world with hundreds of harems would be cool...making sure to stop in Sweden and burn down IKEA.



Those must be some really desperate girls. And where the fuck did you find this? I thought it would be porn, you bastard.


Me not working is not a good thing. I'd travel, buy a nice house, give more of my time to charity. But I'd keep a real job, try to improve my woodworking skills to the point where I could sell my work, maybe take up blacksmithing as a hobby.

This is pretty much my plan anyway, as soon as I get the job I want.


There's a difference between financially set and financially loaded. I'm not sure what the costs would be, but some of these ideas seem to be in the latter category.


I found that on this site. One of Klippy's threads.