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If You Wear Crocs, I Hate You


If I've learned anything from powerlifting articles, it's that manly men who are too lazy and/or to put on conventional shoes wear flip flops or "Jerusalem Cruiser" type sandals.


And as a side note, Jorts (jean shorts) are fucking stupid.


Thank you for that sound fashion advice. That was probably better than an episode of "The Bachelor."

You either need to get lucky or a big shot of estrogen.


Maddox is a god. Lay off.


That was an awesome article. What's wrong with truck balls? Those are cool dammit.

And yes, I fuckin hate those Castro hats, Sexsi shirts, and tit curtains. Everyone on college campuses wears these shit looking clothes. Can't stand it.


I'll vouch all of this. Tit curtains are in style because it shows the tits, without being able to see the gut as well. muffin tops aren't exactly hot.

By the way I saw some dumb fat bitch made a pop cd and she had a che guevara hat on, she was black. He wrote about how black people spend their money on immediate pleasures, ect... Her album appeaed to be stereotypical pop bullshit. Lay off the revolutionary outfit, unless you are a revolutionary. Oh yeah...she was fat too.

people suck.


I have never worn or had a pair of crocs. To me, they are for girls or....lady-like men. Sorry. I see nothing masculine about them, no matter how "comfy" they are. Even if they are black.


lol wtf! you made me think that was my post! Anyways, Maddox is amazing and hates Sony just as much as I do. He's #1 in my book.


No, they're not cool at all. Putting those on a truck indicates that that truck really has no balls. It's a fad that I hope will die in the very near future.


Yep, this fad = not cool.


Why are Capris (sp?) on this list??

Why do women think preparing for the floods is cool looking?? (Oh and gay men for that matter)

It makes their legs look short and stumpy! Men like LONG legs, so why the hell do they try and make them look short?

Then they go on and on about how they are better than pants since they aren't as hot. Wait how does airing out your ankle help that much?

Lord the worst is when a women with cankles wears these "pants"! Hello you are supposed to HIDE those things not highlight them.

Ok there's my follow-up to the article lol


To each their own, but I heartily agree with this.



Can you read my mind?

Women's legs in Capris always remind me of chicken drumsticks. No matter how good a girls body, why would she want to show it in a comparatively unfavorable manner? Because some fashion guru said so?


They make fucking PBR light? That is the gayest thing I have read today.


Truck Balls were cool when they were used on the Rubicon Trail, and swapped out to the best rig, who had the balls to attempt or complete an obstacle that nobody else could comlete....then you earn the right to were them.

Seeing them on a freeway on a pretty, shiny concrete running truck is definately stupid.


Crocs are not just for girls, they are for FAT UGLY GIRLS.

Crocs, Ugg boots, and guys in capri's.

They all should GO AWAY!


Hey there Delila also sucks beyond belief.
I care about gym etiquette a lot but whenever that song comes on I start grunting, hollering Ronnie Coleman quotes, and slamming down weights (in the rack not onto the floor) just so I can compensate for the unmanliness being produced from the speakers.


I posted about this song in another thread. Damn I hate that song with a passion. What pisses me off too is one day some soy-eating douche started whistling to the beat when that song came on. I had to walk away because I was embarassed for the dipshit.

The idea of screaming Ronnie quotes is golden. I might have to try that next time I hear that gay song, which I'm sure will be tomorrow. There's no way to dodge it unless I get an ipod.


This is the only "crocs" that I approve of.


This is 2007, man. Now is the time to break down and finally buy one.


I'm gonna have to give that pair of shoes a big NO.

I'm not gay. I'm not a Guido. I'm not Eurotrash. If I want old school looking sneakers I'm going to get them from a company that makes sneakers - not Lacoste or D&G or J-Crew or any other designer type crap.

But I'm sure the boys on Laguna Beach would agree that those Lacoste kicks would look sweet with some diesel jeans, a volcom polo, and some big-ass, bug-eyed, Mary-Kate sunglasses.