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If You Use Egg Protein...


So I was at a local health food store, not GNC, looking for some stuff. A weird lady dressed like a hippy straight out of the sixties finishes talking to an equally weird customer about doing yoga after taking kava root with tribal indian music playing (no joke) and comes over to me in the weight training section.

She proceeds to tell me that I need to take egg protein if i expect my muscles not to turn in to fat when i get old.

I asked her how muscle tissue would turn to adipose tissue and she gave me a look like i was super retarded and told me it was scientific fact that when I stopped weight training my muscles would turn to fat.

For spite and out of boredom I asked again how body tissue would undergo such a physiological change to become a totally different tissue and she started to lecture me about it with obviously made up but seemingly well versed "facts".

It was really funny. Then, because she was such an interesting specimen, i continued my conversation with her. She wanted to know how i train, how frequently etc. I told her currently I had switched from a full body session every other day with cardio between to a push/pull split two days on and one day off.

She told me I would seriously regret training in such a way and lectured me again, telling me why I should give my body three days rest for every day of training.

Instead of quoting science or body building theories, she told me about nature, the sanctity of the number three and how it relates to rest and some weird ass shit hippy/universe shit.

I left with some discounted ZMA and a happiness that whenever i'm bored i can go hang out with a wierd hippy lady born decades too late and basically get a free comedy show.

Is it strange that I wanted to bang her kind of?


so hit it and then tell her you'll call her in 3 days when your muscle's rested.


Yes but not as strange as putting 20'' crome wheels on a truck. I mean come on man its a pickup it's meant to go off road not try and look like your from the hood! Sorry to get off topic but I meant to post that earlier in the What T-Nation drives section.


Duuuuuuude. That rocked. One of the best transcendent thread posts yet!



Not really. Opposites attract right?


So funny! I want to translate it and put it on my site. I'll credit you :wink:


When my neurons start to fire at a high rate, aka good conversation... i feel sexually aroused sometimes... even if what i'm staring at amounts to 2 legs and a vag.

although it sounds like you were laughing more than thinking.


Says who? Rims havn't been "hood" for quite awhile now, unless they are on shitty cars that cost less than the rims themselves. Hell, many dodge trucks come stock with 20s and big tires.

It's a sweet looking truck. Mud tires are pretty 1995 and unnecessary as most of my driving is on a road anyways. For taking dirt roads in to the ranch, my current truck holds up fine. For fun off roading, an old jeep wrangler and a 4 wheeler do the job.


I wanted to bang her 1/2 through reading your post.


Hey, it's still better than dealing with the ass holes that work in GNC !!!!


So you put up with a bunch of bs in order to talk to a cute girl?

I think we've all been there. Good luck, dude.


No, it's not wierd. I like to bang hippie girls too, I just can't get past their innane ramblings.

Good job on tolerating that crap long enough to develope a conversation.


That's what hippie chicks are for. Just stay away from the armpits.


As long as there are "Rent Chrome Rims!" shops 20'' rims will always be for rappers and wanna be rappers. I do agree with the wrangler and quad theory though. I just think that pickups with low profile tires look dumb as it is meant to be a work truck, esp the Ram as it's meant for towing. But as you said I guess I'm "soooo 1995."

The one exception to my rule on low profile tires and chrome rims is the Dodge Ram SRT-10. Pretty bad idea in general to have 500HP rear wheel drive in a pickup b/c of the lack of weight, but still badass in it's own way.


haha glad you liked that DB


hahahah, you beat me to it. I was going to say that, and also that she's probably got hair all over the dam place.

nasty hippie broads.


It is against the law in most states to give nutritional advice without a license. So you could report her, or bang her 3 times. Either way would work.


I can't blame you. In person, the stupid look on her face coupled with the desperation of trying to explain a ridiculous idea and sound intelligent doing it had my loins tingling dangerously for such a cute, exotic and naive little female thing.


Except that i don't really tow anything with it. I like it better than cars and it looks the best of all the trucks in it's class imo. I drive it for style and the rims look pretty fucking sweet on a dodge. If it was my off roading vehicle it would definately be raised a few inches and the mudding tires would be offset a tad, but it's not. It's my everyday ride and looks super.

I've never actually seen a "rent chrome rims" shop, but i'll take your word for it.

I also wear baseball hats, but i haven't played baseball in years.

Fajitas are one of my favorite dishes and i'm not a mexican.

what does that tell you?

any ways, drop a few dry bags of concrete or feed in the back of your srt-10 and then give it a whirl.


Really? I wouldn't report her but I had no idea.