If You Start Expressing Gyno What are the Steps to Take?

This is my number 1 worry about taking gear.

So I’d like to know what is the procedure if you begin to experience nipple sensitive, or ‘leaky nipples’ as so I’ve read that if you squeeze your nips and a small fluid comes out that means the breast is starting to grow?

what do you do then? do you immediately pop an AI? or nolva? Are you doomed at that point? do you stop taking whatever you were taking?

Once you know you need the A.I are you then from that point taking it for the duration of the cycle or can you stop after symptoms subside?

Hop on AI to get E in normal range so gyno won’t progress. Nolva to reduce gyno if it’s already developed.

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Go to Victoria’s Secret and find yourself a good sports bra. Go with something in a simple monochrome so you can tell yourself that it wasn’t made for women.


I know you’re being funny but this makes the case for just getting on a very very small dose of a.i at or around week 4-6 if your e2 levels go above normal.

why risk it if it happens quick and then you’re totally screwed?

Taking Nolva at a low dose a few times a week should be enough to prevent gyno. But look, if it’s genuinely worrying you then the best way to prevent it is to not take steroids. Same for things like hair loss or fear of pct. There are a lot of very good reasons to abstain from these substances. It’s not a sign of weakness to be fearful of unpleasant side effects that could have long term impacts on one’s quality of life.

I’m just trying to cross all my t’s and dot my i’s.

what is a good low dose nolva protocol? what are the potential drawbacks/side effects of such a routine?

edit: I just noticed I put “expressing” rather than experiencing in the thread title. makes your post that much funnier


I believe our resident guru (who is on sabbatical currently) said 20mg twice a week. He’s an endo and a semi pro bb, so I’m not going to try to improve on his recommendation.


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This. If you get gyno up it to 20mg daily. Sometimes puffy nipples doesn’t mean permanent gyno.

Tamoxifen has the least side effects (for most) compared to actual AI’s and at 20mg most people don’t notice anything.

what causes prolactin to increase? and is that something you should be checking in bloods normally?

19-nor steroids like tren and nandrolone.