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If You Shop on Black Friday...


...you are a douchebag.


Nice opinion I have one too...


AWeeee look another crybaby thread in the GAL forum. AWEEEE SO CUTE i tink somebody needs a wittle hug.


Nice grammar I used once two!


Your new name is Black Friday....Deep discount on White Bitches.


My wife went shopping this morning.


I plan on going shopping, but only because I just got the PS3 Move the other day, and would like a 2nd Move controller and another game.

does that make me just a douche or a bag?


Fixed only because the UPS dude woke me up.



yep! total douche.

I need groceries but I'm gonna starve today and go shopping tomorrow in order to avoid reaching douche status.


SSC, you boutta let this fool dis you like this?


Don't mind SSC. He hates everything.




I did not shop at 4 a.m. I did not venture out to a mall. I did walk several blocks (I live downtown) to purchase new bras at Victoria's Secret. 34DD bitches! Down from 38DDD. I finally have normal boobs. This makes me very happy. SSC -- I'm sorry if you are working in retail today.


:smiley: <3 debb!




What if the black friday shopping was online and consisted of an EFS prowler? Still in the douchebag zone?


Oh I want to buy a sled big! Pic on T-Vixen Dixies!


I admit-- I tried.

The first time in my life I ever went shopping on Black Friday.

Walmart was selling a 32 in TV for $198 starting at 5am. I don't even watch TV, but the 15 y.o. I have just broke (it's a huge cube that weighs 50 lbs).

Up at 4:30 am and drove thru sleet. Arrived at an over packed shopping center and the line for the TV was literally from the back of the store, around, and out the front. You needed a ticket to get one (handed out at midnight....).

Needless to say, I turned right around and left.

Never, never, again.

BTW, went online and found a nicer one for about $80 more!

Did I say I'll never go out on Black Friday again?


In a purely professional interest, how about any other Americans out there, where did you shop and how was the retail traffic? How about Sales, any good promotions that caught your eye or stood out as unique?