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If You Read This You're a Loser

Ok Fess up you idiots, It was quite clear what it meant if you opened this thread up and read it anyways, but you just couldn’t resist could you. You probably get caught cock spying and someone telling you there was something on your shirt and then flipping thier finger into your nose too. Sign if you read this you losers.



9 views and only one reply? Man up like Christine you suckers.




I don’t know if it’s more loser-ish that I had to look, you you had to post something like this.

You act like being a loser is a bad thing.

i am a loser

Like Moths to the flame.

DD, don’t be hatin just cause I have a diabolical mind and you don’t.





Who wouldn’t push the red button that says “do not push”?

How can you not click on it?

It’s like driving by a car accident and not slowing down to see the carnage… impossible.

yeah…I guess I AM a loser.


AHHHHHH! OMG I am laughing so hard. I love entertaining myself, I know it’s impossible to not read it thats why it is so much fun. My next trick is going to put some dogshit in a box and cut a hole in the box. Next to the hole I’ll post a message that says DO NOT STICK YOUR HAND IN THE HOLE I"M WARNING YOU. Then I’ll set up a camera and see how many people stick thier hand in the hole and grab some dogshit!!!


I clicked. What a let down.

I can’t wait to stick my hand in the poop box!!

Someone ask for me?

Squats and milk.

I’m slacking off at work and the best thing I could think of to do was to post in this thread? I really am a loser.

Least I’m not alone