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If You Owned Your Own Gym...


How would you run it?

This has probably been a thread in the past but I am curious to see what people like/dislike about their current gyms and what they would change about them if they owned them...

Let's hear it.


I would order an extra GHR and put it in my bedroom.


Membership prices vary depending on your progress. People who make progress pay little, people who stay the same for too long pay a hell of alot.


The one thing that just about every gym I've every worked out in really needs to fix is: music, music, MUSIC!!!

They tend to play the shittiest-ass pop, hip-hop, dance, Justin Timberlake, Brooke Hogan-type bullshit.

If it's a real gym, as it should be, give me good, testosterone-driven hard rock, all the time. I'm trying to get some fucking work done in there.

Thank you.


I hate to say it I'd probably run it similar to how Workout World in Ma is run, make people do a 2yr commitment have it come eft and make it accessably to the regular people. Sad to say it there is no profit in a gym built for people like me and others on this site


Not that I would run a gym like this in America, or at least not urban America, but, at my gym in Japan there is nobody there in the mornings so I was given my own key and I can basically come and go as I please. Usually nobody there when I work out so I have complete access to all machines.

I know this is slightly off topic, but, if you have the right environment for it, it makes the gym completely self-sufficient with extremely low management costs. Basically you pay the upfront costs, collect your memberships, then let the gym run itself. You have a self-perpetuating asset.

Again, I know this would be ridiculous to do in most of America, but it works here.


Strict rules on replacing all free weights (dumbells/plates) back in their racks, 3 violations and you are asked to resign, no money back and/or fines. No damn curling in the squat rack allowed, fines for that too (I'd have an expert weld up 3 "standing curl stations" to deal with the problem so the squatters can work and laugh at these knuckleheads without them getting in their way)...

Separate room and equipment for the PL/Oly crowd, soundproofed so their yelling doesnt bug the rest, with extra thick floor padding for dropping weights...Secure locker rooms, fines for slobs, personal lockers with their own locks for regulars that prove they are reliable...

Special womens only section for those not wanting to be ogled by the males for whatever reason (posing, overweight and too shy yet, etc)...


My gym would be invite-only and I'd reserve the right to kick out anyone I see fit.

That is all.


That's the thing. Am I running this gym to be a profitable, successful business or am I building what I think would be the perfect gym?

If it was to be a profit gym, I would run it similar to most of the commercial chains across America with a few tweaks.


I think I'd paint a rack pink, maybe some glitter, wrap a bunch of feather boa's around it, and put a big motivational poster of a giant schlong on the wall behind it, and then make a "Curl Rack" sign to hang above it.


It would be set up as a hardcore powerlifting gym with all the equipment, chalk, nose-tork... etc. to go with it.

The stereo would only play aggressive music... period.

Equipment would be set up by EFS.

I'd have it set as a private gym. Everyone would be welcome to join... if they work hard at their goals and are respectful of others. By the same token, anybody could be asked to leave at a moments notice.

There would be a yard area with strongman toys.

Jamie Eason would model all apparel on sale... wet.

Dave Tate would be in charge of nutritional progams such as: http://youtube.com/watch?v=7YmQyoUW3y0

Jim Wendler would be in charge of PoR - Piss Off Relations.

TC would be in charge of the fighting dogs

... I mean the pampered mascots :wink:

Oh, and there would be a huge counter of Biotest supps.

Now, to do this I just need to win the 300 Mil lottery tonight.

Cross your fingers.


I just want a fucking pull-up/chins station that has a simple straight bar and not those wacky ergonomic grips. I've worked out at other gyms that has that easily, I just want MY gym to have one.


Lottery update:

Ok... The group at work did win $7. I suppose it's a start.




I'd have nothing but cardio equipment and pink rubber dumbells.


(personal peeves from all the H.S. kids at my current gym)

1- If you cant't bench your own body weight, stay in the 'kids section' (good old universal multi-station -lol) and leave the big weights for the people with work to do.

2- If you're under 160lbs or over 20% body fat, you are not allowed under any circumstances to wear wife beaters or tight fitting t-shirts that you obviously bought in the children's department. I can't train if I'm nauseous from staring at your sickly physique.

3- If you can lift it, you can put it away. I don't care how fucking tough you think leaving dumbells scattered around the floor makes you look 'Playa'.

4- Checking your 'abs' in the mirror (or seeing if the last set of leg raises off of a bench suddenly and magically made them appear) more than 10x in one training session will be cause for immediate expulsion from the premises.



Id defintley change the radio station. TOP 40 anything sucks. Theres hould be only to choise of Music that should be played and thats Heavy Metal and Hardcore Punk. Id definltey make the Sparring area alot bigger.


Cheap, rusty equipment.

A shitload of plates.

Dumbbells from 5-250 pounds.

Lifting platform(s) and bumpers for the Oly people.

Racks from elitefts or nybarbell. Lots of them.

A wide selection of straight Olympic bars, thick cambered bars, safety squat bars and any other friggin' kind of bar.

Sandbags, barrels and stones.

A sandbox outside you can use for throwing shit.

Chain bar and harness for doing chain lifts with.

A small sign in the window advertising it's a gym.

Keep fees low, music loud and stupid people out.


I'd like to wait for the people to open these dream gyms described, only for hard core (gaff) lifters with heavy metal music, wait for them to fail financially and pick them up for pennies on the dollar.


What about the lunk alarm. I'd have one just for kicks. Not working hard enough or just checking out your abz in the mirror and I'd buzzed that sucker.