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If You Love Chuck Norris:


I apologize if this link has already been posted. Anyway, funny stuff.



Check out the kicked chair right after the Kara-ta-ta-tee part. Brilliant!

I almost lost my lunch when he punched out the girl...and then the close up with the 'stache, oh man, too much!


Thats some funny shit.


Shouldn't this say "If you Loved Chuck Norris" since he is dead now?


Chuck Norris can't die you idiot!



lol Where did you hear that? Chuck ain't dead.



Everyone loves Chuck Norris!

Because those who don't, die of mysterious, roundhouse-kick-related injuries.


And just in case somebody didn't know this:

Chuck Norris died ten years ago, but the Grim Reaper can't muster up the courage to tell him.

And that's a fact.


That one is nice!