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If You Like Deads...

I thought this video on PLWatch was pretty cool, 5 minutes of pullin’

cool vid, fred peterson…thats some serious weight for a 70 year old, very inspiring; and to think he wants 700

Maybe if I turn 70, I’ll be that strong too.

great stuff

damn I feel weak seeing a 70year old deadlift more then me

How much does Al Bianchi weigh? He looks pretty light. Couple of sweet pulls in that video, for sure.


680 and 70 years old… that scares me so much

I’ve been at several meets with Fred. He’s
a soft spoken gentleman. Great guy.

What you saw on the video is just the way he
does it in all the meets I’ve been to. No
psyc-up. No set up. Just walk up to the bar
and pick it up.

He’s amaizing to watch.


When i grow up, i wanna be like him!!!

No suit. No wraps. No belt.


Awesome stuff.

That was a great video. I wish I had a group of guys around me like that. Thank you for sharing.

There are few things that truly impress me these days but I’m gobsmacked. Fred is da man!