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If You Knew Where My Hand Is...


he he he.


The look on her face.........either shes possesed or Charlie has magic fingers.


Well, America and England have always had a "special relationship".


Now you know what Camilla sees in him.


Good stuff.


Charles has obviously studied Vegita's g-spot stimulation advice.



is it wrong that I was turned on by that? I mean, c'mon...that's normal right? :slightly_smiling:


Same here... so bad that I have dry balls now. Maybe tommorow.


I for one became sick to my stomach. Larua Bush is the last woman I want to think of orgasming even in jest. Funny stuff though-and that facial expression's unreal.


Shit...I feel a new Thread..
"Beat My caption Over Tea in England"


I'll start:
Finally the term "royal pain in the ass" is explicity defined.


"Apparently Charles doesn't have TC's charm."


GW may have the football, but Charlie knows where the real button to push is.

Laura was breathless, having to wait till she could see his "ruby tipped" royal sceptre.

Ran out of ideas......


Charles: "I say, I do believe I'll have a spot of G."


Charles: "Egad, I do believe the First Lady's forgotten to wipe her bum!"

Laura: "Because of that cheap ass British toilet paper, I'm gonna have to explain the dingleberries to this freak who's trying to grab my ass."


"If you see Camilla, tell her I'd like to eat her hasenfeffer with some fava beans and a nice chianti. Ftp-ftp-ftp ftp"


"By golly, Laura, you didn't know you had one of these? Maybe if you and G.W. discovered you had genitals a little sooner you wouldn't have been so quick on the trigger getting over 2,000 great Americans killed."

I blame Laura for the Iraq War. If she hit her knees more often or gave up the third input on a regular basis, G.W. would be a little smarter. Instead he's got all that extra juice fucking up his head.


Yeah, I take offense to this one. When are people going to understand...

MikeTheBear: You are funny.



"Bollocks! She's got twigs n berries."


"Charming. Guess whose tampon I'd like to be now... "


So, what is this supposed to mean? Not a very funny joke, and I'm not Dubya fan.