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If You Haven't Already... Boycott GNC


Seriously. Biggest douchebag salespeople of any store in the history of mankind.


But the dude at the register told me their stuff is awesome. I dunno man, it's his word against yours.


They are a plethora of use full info though like my favorite- "I'm going to a conference in Ontario, do you have anything to prevent SARS?".

"Sure! Chelated silver, right here. It's 20% off with your GNC card.".

No shit. The dude looked straight at us and said that without flinching.

Granted, it was a set-up, but damn.


that place is so over priced. You can get the same stuff online with shipping for half the price


I go there because I spent the money for a gold card and I can get there clearance stuff dirt cheap. I;ve gotten 5 lbs of protein for $10, good brands too.

But I go there and dont talk to the salespeople. I have a ton of stories from when they start conversations with me though. The latest:

I'm looking for a big deal on protein. I get 10 lbs for $45 so I'm pretty happy. Now the dude, no wait kid, helping me is about 18 years old and 90 lbs. Looks like he's never seen the inside of a gym in his life. He asks me a great leading question, "So how long have you been lifting." I try to not give an answer he can turn into a sales pitch. "A few years or so." The next thing out of his bitch ass mouth makes me want to punch him. "I would have thought a guy like you would want a better protein than that brand."

I say in a pretty sarcastic voice, "What would you recommend?" Of course he recommends the most expensive brands they sell.

I should have said, "I'll take bodybuilding advice from someone who has lifted a weight before." But I just kind of rolled my eyes, paid and left.


Last time I walked into a GNC the kid looked at me, shrugged and said "you prob know more than me" and didnt say much more.




That's what they say when I go into Bed Bath & Beyond (as well as, VS).


This thread was made for you. Order your shit from Biotest instead. I IMPLORE you.

Similar thing happened to me... high pressure pencil dick sales dude telling me that 100% whey isn't good for post-workout, but instead is for "grandmas" and that they have "way better post-workout stuff over here".


I go on the week-end to hear the accent of the British lady who manages the place. My wife uses a couple of things they have that Biotest doesn't make :wink:

Like Extreme I have found some good deals on close outs.


I go there for emergencies, but that's it now that I have a mailing address again. Fuck GNC. The salespeople don't bother giving me advice on shit, but we made pleasant conversation about other stuff when I'd browse.


There is one GNC around me that has a couple knowledgeable employees. One of them told me that they can't sell anything past its expiration date. You can usually get stuff for 75% then go on Gold Card day and get 20% off that.

I'll check Biotest though.


I like GNC and their products. I get a lot of good service from them. I get personal service that I do not get from an anonymous site.

get over it


Open the VS and GNC sites, compare prices on your favourite products.


Vitamin Shoppe ftw.


The main difference I want to highlight is that GNC is commission pay for their employees, VS isn't. Also, GNC pushes their brand way too hard and sells too few things outside of sports supplements - by being a franchise (VS isn't) they can play with prices all they want. HQ changes our prices.


I'll never walk into a GNC after hearing that LOL, fucking WIN man. But yeah I hit up GNC and Vitamin Shoppe and always compare the prices. I've yet to order from Biotest or any online supplement retailer, because when I need it, I usually NEED it like within a day or so lol.

No time to wait for shipping, maybe one day I'll plan ahead.


had the woman in GNC tell me creatine was bad for my kidneys and something about how too much protein was bad for your liver.


lol what a moron...its the protein thats bad for your kidneys, teh creatinez destroys your liver! duh.


I went into GNC a few months because I forgot to order protein and to my surprise the dude behind the counter was jacked, pretty sure a competitive BB. The next time I went in there was a younger guy with a good build who seems to know what he's talking about but pimps their shit a little much.