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If You Have Single-Digit Caliper Measuements


What are your mm measurements and how ripped do you think you look?.. just curious. Thanks.


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hah yea I know those things are suppsed to be inaccurate for bodyfat caluclation. That's why I go by skinfold thickness, the mm reading. I'm measuring 7mm/14mm/15mm and still kind of soft. Just wondering what measurements it takes for a person to be pretty lean looking. Is it under 10mm?


Even people with similar reading can look very different.


BF% is the dumbest thing of all time. Who cares what the actual % number is. It doesnt matter in any way


Skinfold measurements are arguably the best way for the average person to track progress. How is that dumb gregon? Besidse, this thread isn't about a percentage calculation. It's about the ACTUAL measurements.


I would venture to say that the mirror is the best way to track progress. Do you look better. Do you look leaner. Thats the best way IMO because the measurements are way to easy to mess up.

But what does the actual measurement really matter? Unless you're in a contest to see who's measurements are the lowest then they dont really matter do they? Its all about how you look right?


Over the course of several years the measurements means a great deal. If you weigh ten pounds more with the same readings you had two years ago you have proof of progress. The mirror is fine for today and tomorrow; however; over time it is easy to claim progress that didn't take place. Ultimately improvement must be measured, documented, and proved. Everyone tries harder when we're keeping score.


Even though I am not that lean, how lean I think I look in the mirror can change depending on how much water, protein or carbs I consumed that day. Since I actually want to lean up a bit I bought some digital calipers that should be coming today to keep track of progress.


I have the question too. What "mm" at each site correlates to being "lean", lean I'm saying is the apperance of no fat, and seeing most of the cuts.

And what "mm" is "ripped". Ripped being considered "lean", but with the cross striations you would see on glutes, quad and triceps.


Exactly the same question I was originally asking. I'm sure it can't be that different from person to person.

Like say a person who measures 6,7,8mm is pretty cut, and a person who has 3,4,5mm is going to be pretty shreaded with a similar amount of muscle mass. The mirror is a good way to track progress, but it can't be quantified like other methods.