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If You Had to Choose a 2-Day Program

I recently binge read all Jim Wendlers book (excluding his new Forever 531) and learned a lot of the content. My main question is I can only train 2 days a week in the weight room. I can include hill sprints on another day since it is more convenient travel purposes. If you HAD to choose a 2-day program from Jim what would it be? The main goal is Strength/Size. I reviewed all the books and whatever I can from this forum but I feel like there is a lot of conflicting advice.


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Original 5/3/1 with PR sets. Bench/squat and press/deadlift. Accessory bodyweight stuff on off days or whenever you can fit it in.


found this better than the ladder?

You don’t have to choose the program and run it forever. Pretty much any of those 2x week programs is good for your goals. Sure, they are different, but they all follow the same principles.

The probably simplest way to chase strength/size would be the following:

a) Squat, bench
b) Dead, Press

Leaders: other lift with 5s pro + bbb/bbs and other 5s pro + fsl
Anchor: all lifts 5/3/1 + fsl

Conditioning: light or hard 2x week.
Assistance: mostly bw stuff can be spread out during the week when you have the time. 0-50 in leaders and 50-100 in anchors.

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If possible can you provide a sample week so I can get the gist.

He just did

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I don’t get what he means by other lift.

HE didn’t mention « other lifts »…

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That’s funny.

Do you own beyond?

That’s is probably why we don’t understand what you don’t understand.

In respect to Jim, buy the book.

Yes, I purchased from his Website when it first came out, thank you for Your input.

There are 4 main lifts in this program: Squat, bench, deadlift and press. You choose 2 (one upper and one lower body lift) and do BBS, with the two remaining you’ll do 5x5 FSL.

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BBB 2 days a week from beyond does the trick for me, I’ve been following it for about a year with steady gain in strength and size


This works very well…


x2 The program The Badger mentioned here.
IF you are really in to hurting yourself.
If you have been tracking all your reps on all your lifts do this.
A low TM.
DO PR sets on the main lift. And on every workout go in there and beat at least one of those previous PR’s. That would be either on the Main lift, the FSL lift on lower or the first set on the DC lift.
You could even beat your previous Kroc Row PR every time.
I just forgot that challenge its brutal and not funny, but it will do the trick.

Do you feel this is advanced training or any level can give it a shot, I’d say I’m at an early intermediate stage.

Yeah totally fine. Leave 30 secs not 20 between rest pauses if want to stay on safe side

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As the Badger says it’s fine.
It’s only 6 weeks of your training.
If you want to start light
6 weeks PR on main lift
1 pr set FSL
1 week deload
6 weeks as mentioned above
1 week deload
that’s 14 weeks and if you have at least one rep PR every workout your on the way.

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