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If You Had To Choose 1 Exercise Per Body Part


Chest - bench press
Back - pull ups
Quads - squat
Hams - deadlift
Delts - overhead press
Bicep - pull up
Tricep - bench press

I’m boring.


i want to expand my list.

glutes - bulgarian split squat
hams - dumbbell leg curl
calves - single leg calf raise with a dumbbell in one hand


Delts - dumbbell lateral raises against incline bench
Chest - flat or incline dumbbell press
Lats - chin ups or pull downs
Mid back - seated cable rows
Biceps - incline curls
Triceps - pjr pullover
Quads - back squat
Hams - leg curl

Honorable mentions: low row machine, hammer curls, dips, rack pulls, cable preacher curls, rope pushdowns.


Chest - Dumbbell Bench Press
Back - Deadlifts
Delts - Arnold Press
Legs - Barbell Squats
Biceps - Dumbbell Curls
Triceps - Skull Crushers with EZ bar


Legs - Squat
Back - Deadlift
Arms - Pull-ups
Upper Body- Press


If we’re talking purely in terms of hypertrophy, then for me it’d be:

chest- weighted dips
shoulders- press behind the neck
Lats- weighted chins
upper back- power snatch or SGHP
quads-SSB squat
biceps- thick bar curls
triceps- pullovers or LTEs with shoulder extension


Chest: Incline DB Press
Lats: V-Bar Lat Pulldown
Upper Back: Barbell Row
Delts: Seated DB Shoulder Press
Quads: Leg Press
Hams: Romanian Deadlift
Biceps: Barbell Curl
Triceps: Pushdown