If You Had To Choose 1 Exercise Per Body Part

only one exercise for each body part to do for the rest of your life, what would they be?

my list
chest - dips
back - overhand barbell row
delts - arnold press
legs - goblet squat
biceps - incline dumbbell curl
triceps - close grip bench press

Legs= Back squat
Back = Deadlift
Pushing muscles = Bench or Military
Upper back = any kind of chin/row

Surprising? Basically I could drop the DL, but hey, it’s the DL.

Why’d you break it down this way? An exercise for Bis and Tris, but only one for your entire back and legs?

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chest - Incline DB
back - Seal Row
delts - Lateral Raise
legs - Squat
biceps - Bumper Plate Hammer Curl
triceps - Skull Crushers

Personal priorities and preferences i suppose.

i like the plate hammer curl too. i feel it in my fingers and forearms as well. very good exercise.

Careful. If you drop the plate then you’d feel it in your fingers, you’d feel it in your toes

Sorry, 'tis the season


Back- Deads
Legs- Squat
Arms- Dips
Abs- hanging leg raises
Butt- Thrusts

Are we allowed to select only one cardiovascular activity for this? I’d choose swimming.

Shoulders - BTN Press
Chest - Reverse wide grip bench
Arms - Chins
Back - Rack pulls just below knees
Legs - Squat

I know, I cheated since chins are also a back exercise, but I made up for it by not picking a triceps one

If I had to choose 1 exercise for each bodypart, it would be log viper press.

I feel like that hits just about everything.

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Chest - incline DB bench
Delts - lateral raises
Back - pullups
Legs - front squat
Biceps - cable preacher curls
Triceps - diamond pushups

Back - this totally wicked pulldown thing my gym has with 2 handles that you pull down and out to your side.
Chest - anything with dumbbells
Legs - walking lunges
Shoulders - raises of all shapes and sizes although I do enjoy a high incline Smith
Biceps - curls
Triceps - PJRs

chest - bench, screw you guys who don’t like the bench press! What sort of (wo)men are you anyway?

back - cobra lat pulldown

delts - strict log press, possibly the most manly thing ever. And screw you guys who don’t like overhead pressing! What sort of (wo)men are you anyway?

legs - Hammer strength unilateral seated leg press. I both love and hate this thing.

biceps - preacher curls. Biceps look awesome in a preacher curl

triceps - diamond pushups with a heavy band. Try them, your life will never be the same.

Swimming is okay but I would choose…


i looked it up and you are probably right.

if i had to choose one cardio activity, i think it would be the elliptical roller.

i am in love with that machine. i wish i had one at home.

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Never seen this exercise before, it looks awesome. I somehow injury my forearm on cleans, now I want to give this a go.

Chest - ring pushups, feet elevated to match the hands’ height, resistance bam around the shoulders
Back - ring pullups, probably using weight and twisting from supinated to pronated grip
Quads - front squats
Glutes and hamstrings - trap bar deadlift
Delts - trx rear-delt flyes
Biceps - ez bar reverse curls
Triceps - close-grip db bench
Abs - sit-ups on a GHR machine
Forearm flexors - standing barbell wrist curls behind the back
Calves - standing single-leg calf raises
Full-body awesomeness - sled!

Doubt I’m qualified, but so far my favourites are:

Chest: Incline DB Press w twist
Back: SA DB Row
Shoulders: Lateral Raise on incline bench
Biceps: SA DB Preacher Curl
Triceps: Elbows-Out Extensions
Quads: Olympic squat
Hams: GHR’s

Would definitely row as my one cardio movement.

Back - Power Cleans
Legs - Front Squats
Chest - Incline Bench
Triceps - CG Floor Press
Biceps - BB Curls
Delts - This from Defranco