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If You Had Parents to Take Advantage of...


What would you write on the grocery list? My mom will buy me ALMOST anything I want when it comes to food, except for protein powder and things like that. I was just wondering what you guys would reccommend writing on the grocery list to lead a healthy lifestyle. My goals are to get stronger and more "fit." (better conditioned?).


Just wanted to clarify that Tokyoo is a 13 year old female (or are you 14 now?) who is very serious about training, diet, etc., so take that into consideration with your responses. :wink:

This girl rocks in my book!


Probably the most expensive item is good, quality meat. So steaks, chicken breasts, turkey, etc. After that you need fruit, veggies, yogurt, nuts. Tell her to stay on the outside edges of the store, no middle aisles.


Flax oil and fish oil.

Leaner meats, organic greens, organic fruits and whole grain cereals and breads.


Does your mom buy healthly stuff already? What does she typically stock?


Definitley a variety of meats, to include the lean meats, and some fattier meats, plenty of fish (watch mercury levels though, canned tuna has less than tuna steaks).

Lots of veggies. If you can get your mom to go to the store often, you can have her stock up on fresh veggies. The problem I have with them is that they don't stay fresh very long.

Sweet potatoes, broccoli, baby carrots, peppers, asparagus.

The least processed oats you can find, although the more processed the less cooking time so find a balance (like Quaker rolled oats).

Some yogurt, cheese, cottage cheese or milk to get some dairy in for calcium.

If she won't go for supplements like protein powder maybe you can at least talk her into some fish oil pills or flax oil, along with a vitamin and mineral supplement. Tons of health benefits from those EFAs, and it's almost impossible to get an optimal amount from whole foods.

Oh, and some natural peanutbutter and nuts too (unsalted).



I guess I have to be nice to you because a T-mod said so. And you are 14. And a girl.


What the hell to you you want to accomplish? Targets, aims, goals?


Oh yea, I also wish I had your knowledge and motivation about nutrition and fitness when I was your age.

This site can help a lot, but remember to be patient and don't lose site of your goals.

Be a role model to your peers.


As far as veggies go fresh are best, but not always very convenient. Frozen are the next best to fresh for nutrient value and can be zapped in the microwave for a few minutes and are ready to go. Fairly inexpensive as well.



There's an article on John Berardi's Homepage that is called Berardi's Kitchen or something like that.

I guess there is everything you need...

I think the article is also available on T-Nation, but I am not sure about that.

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Here's the links to Part I of that article

and to Part II


Don't be a douche, dude. She just asked what you guys would get for groceries given a source of $$. There was no mention of trying to accomplish something. It's a theoretical question.


Along the lines of Berardis theorie of availability- A whole bunch of good things as listed above, and very few cheat items. If you are going to snack, have good things around.


Well, actually, I'm still 13. But yes, I've already read Berardi's articles and I already add those items to my mom's list. I was just looking for more ideas, as it seems my refrigerator/food cabinet always seems empty after a week. After all of the healthy food is gone, I get stuck with bad foods like chips and sugary things that I really don't WANT to eat.

Basically, my mom buys a lot of healthy stuff already, but a lot of really bad stuff. I just want more ideas of healthy stuff so that I don't get stuck with the bad stuff.

I guess if it's important, my goals include getting stronger, getting bigger, and staying healthy. I don't care about getting lean, since I'm only 13 and already have a very fast metabolism. I know that I need to gain a solid base, and not get lean until I'm an adult, or atleast a lot older.

Also, I was considering buying myself some Grow! and Grow! Bars, but I'm not sure if these things will even help me because I'm so young. I was just wondering if you guys think it would be a good idea, or if you think I should just keep eating whole foods and wait to buy the Grow! stuff.

Thanks everyone for the comments!


Go crazy on the spinach, Popeye was right about one thing, and it wasn't that Oliveoil was hot.

Also, be sure you do appropriate meal timing - you need to space out meals, shoot for 6, see if you can eat 8 on the weekends. Greens at all meals.



Do you mean canned or fresh spinach? I dread the canned stuff. Wouldn't eat it to save my life. However, I do like the fresh kind. I eat a lot of that, and I add a little bit of ranch dressing to each piece. Is this bad for me or is just a little bit fine?


You have a great source of food, but does your mother also cook alot/good for you?

Honestly, if you can have somneone make some awesome meals for you..you dont even need the protein bars and whatnot. You can fill your diet with protein.

But I would only say that if you arent going pretty hard with working out. If youre gonna be working out a bit, getting really sore muscles the next day, go for the powder/bars...its a life saver to heal those muscles.

But yeah...overall, eat those veggies. They rule. I wish i wouldve forced myself to eat more a couple years ago. Im too short! :slight_smile:
If you wanna grow, eat alot(in a smart diet). Just remember to exercise too!


Damn, if only I had someone to foot my grocery bill. :wink:

What do you do for exercise?

And who is she buying the crap food for? It's tough to stay away from the junk when it's in the house, but it sounds like you are very committed. Can she ( or you ) only grocery shop once a week? Maybe a second run to top up on fresh fruits and vegtables?

You can mix up an awesome breakfast or pre-workout 'smoothie' with fresh fruit and milk, or juice, oatmeal, ground flax seeds, and lots of other stuff.

\|/ 3Toes


I exercise really hard. I love it more than eating healthy. My mom really only makes supper for me. Other than that, I fend for myself. I'm really thinking about buying Grow! since I have money to burn anyways. I'm leaning towards chocolate, since that's hard to get sick of. Should I go for Classic or Low-Carb? Which would you guys recommend.


The smoothie thing is why I want Grow!. A lot easier to make shakes. Yes, she only shops once a week. The junk food is for her and my dad. My parents and I have almost no similar interests. Meaning, they're not interested in a healthy lifestyle like I am.


At your weight you realy shouldn't need a protein powder unless you have a realy hectic schedule and absolutely can't make your meals.

I heard of a recomendation that you should be able to get all of your protein from whole foods if you're 180lbs or lighter.

I'm 175 and use, on average, 2 shakes of 2 scoops of Grow!, but it's mostly because I can get sick of eating so much meat (to get 260-300 grams of protein a day).

I think you realy should be able to go without the protein supplements for many more years, and it shouldn't be difficult to get enough protein each day.

I would say the same for any other supplement besides an EFA and a vitamin/mineral supplement.