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If You Had All Day to Train what Would You Do?

Well I just recently got laid off and well I’ve now got a lot of time on my hands, besides looking for work/updating ,u resume.

If you guys had all day to train what would u do? I was thinking some complexes for cardio in the Am(besides my morning walk with my dog) and then lift in the evening, around 5 or 7.

I would probably do 2 cardio sessions a week and lift 4 or 5 times a week. Lift in the evening, one cardio in morning and one on off day to do some sprints or HIIT. With that much time though the main thing I could do is get plenty of quality food. I would have so much more time to prepare and cook food.

I would check out what Dave Tate is doing with his training. He typically does 2 sessions/day.


Personally, I would keep doing what I’m doing and spend more time with friends and family.

I would do what I do now, Cardio in the AM three days a week and lift after work 5 days a week. More stuff won’t make me any bigger or stronger.

Lift twice a day - and a third workout (cardio) in between. Not including recovery cardio after workout. Oh and take naps, and eat every 2 hours on the dot.

[quote]TheDudeAbides wrote:

Personally, I would keep doing what I’m doing and spend more time with friends and family.[/quote]


And sleep more. The dude is a smart cookie

4AM - wake up and EAT!
6AM - EAT!
7AM - Heavy workout (1-5 reps) on bodypart of the day
8AM - EAT!
830 - Take a nap
10AM - EAT!
12PM - EAT!
2PM - EAT!
3PM - Light workout (12-15 reps), same exercises
4PM - EAT!
430 - take another nap
6PM - EAT!
8PM - Go to bed.

Just training-wise. :slight_smile:

Eat, lift, eat, sleep. Repeat until gainfully employed.

Train for, and win a strongman competition.

I DO have all day to train. But I still just go to the gym, do my workout, and go chill the rest of the day.

If I had all day to train, I would get a job.

Buy better quality food that way :wink: