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If You Had 45 Min. a Week

To train…

Would you stretch?



Have light days?

Whatever your current goal is, how close do you think you’d come to achieving it in 45 minutes a week? What would you focus on??

Compound exercises… bp, dl, squat, pullups. about 10’ each, HEAVY…

My athletes main strength training session lasts about an hour, the warm-up/cool-down takes about 20m.

If I only had 45m to train a day, my lower body workout would look like this:

Warm-up: Jump rope- 3m.
A) Olympic style back Squat (ass to the grass): 3x3 R.I-3m
B)GHR: 4x8 R.I-90sec
15 minute time frame:
C1) Reveres hyper:
C2) Pull down abs:
Cool-down: 10m static stretching.

That workout above can be completed in under 45m . Just an example on how to manipulate the training variables in you favor, will still getting one hell of a workout.
Hope that Helps…

A WEEK - you’ve gotta be joking.

But if you’re not:

Barbell Clean and Jerk, alternating between high-weight singles and doubles and 30 reps at a weight low enough to perform all reps in 10 minutes or less…

Wow, that isn’t much time. Howabout something like a rotating superset?

Week A
– Deads/Bench for 35 min
– Tabata/HIIT 1
– Tabata/HIIT 2

Week B
– Squats/Chins/Dips for 35 min
– Tabata/HIIT 1
– Tabata/HIIT 2

Anyhow, as has been stated, not sure anyone would really stay motivated to do true Tabata workouts that often.

I would budget my time better to have at least 3 hours a week :]

if i only had 45 min, i would have to say legs, legs and more legs, oh yeah with legs in between.