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If You Google "Powerlifting"

The next suggested term you get is “physique.” And the most searched lifter is Dan Green. Nothing against Dan he’s an all-time great lifter but I’m pretty sure he’d give up his abs in a second to get his world record back. You see the same type of thing on powerlifting videos… It could be a world record lift and half the comments are still “he’s got nice shoulders.” Bugs me. Thoughts?

He has got nice shoulders.

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Well, people be superficial, sounds about right to me. Google olympic weightlifting/strongman and the next suggested term is… You guessed it, physique. Google crossfit, next suggested term? Before and After.

My guess would be, people who’ve no experiences with them probably googled them thinking they’re the means to an end(having a great physique). When they do get into the sport and if they do stay, they’ll start actually liking the sport and seeing it as the ends itself.

Let’s be honest, I’m pretty sure no one steps into the gym and day 1 be like, you know what? I wanna total (insert arbitrary number here) in a powerlifting meet.

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Dan is that divide between the bodybuilder and powerlifter. Lots of us want that body and those lifts lol. Even tho powerlifting has nothing to do with looks, I guess it can’t escape this superficial world we live in.

Nothing wrong at all with wanting a better physique and if Dan Green’s ripped abs get people looking in powerlifting’s direction that’s great! Hopefully then people can get interested, look deeper and discover all the great things about powerlifting and pursuit of the “total” haha.

I imagine no one lifts weights with the goal of looking bad. That said, with the preponderance of super low volume routines at there that many newbs have (incorrectly) deemed “powerlifting routines” (Starting Strength, Stronglifts, etc), I imagine you’re going to find more people looking for outliers that support the idea that they can “train like a powerlifter and look like a bodybuilder”.

As most successful lifters have noted, getting more muscular tends to get you stronger as well, which is why a successful powerlifter who lifts in a super 308 weight class is probably going to look pretty jacked as well. However, this ALSO means they’re going to be getting in a good deal of volume.

As for why those search results are successful, blame internet arguments.