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If You Eat WHOLE Eggs in the Morning Come on In!

I eat four with 3 slices of whole wheat toast and a big glass of whole milk for breakfast pretty often.

I vary between oats, and eggs, and beef, and ham.


I figure for the general population it’s better to keep to a diet primarily in protein and fat,

Hence, why most elite nutritionists, coaches, etc., will recommend this dietary approach.

No matter the time of day, I figure eating eggs period is a win-win.

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I have 2 hard boiled every morning with my breakfast and 1 at night, I break off about 3/4 of the yolk and toss it

Why do you do that?

I thought he was being funny.

Not with 4 posts he’s not.[/quote]

2nd. You know he’s as serious as cancer.

“Dont you guys know that egg yolks will kill you?!? Bullet are made or egg yolks!”


Eggs are what I call a perfect food. There is so much more good than bad in them. People believe most of the b.s. that they read about them.

They’re good for dinner as an omelet. I toss in anything loose in the 'fridge with them, including some shredded swiss cheese for the flavor. Hot peppers are a staple in my house, they go in as well.


[quote]Avocado wrote:

“Dont you guys know that egg yolks will kill you?!? Bullet are made or egg yolks!”



On a side note, I don’t usually like to eat eggs in the morning, but I frequently enjoy 3-4 hard boiled ones at a time with my lunch, and I often will fry up a couple to eat with my steak at dinner.

I <3 Eggs!

Be sure you guys are cycling your eggs, I guess that’s the word I’d use. There’s quite a bit of literature out there talking about eggs being a very common food allergen. I wouldn’t go for more than a week at a time and then take a couple off. Sucks, yeah, but gives you a chance to get some different protein sources too, so you win in the end.