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If You Eat WHOLE Eggs in the Morning Come on In!


Well, actually I don't eat whole eggs in the morning, I eat them at night. My breakfast contains 15g of fat at most whereas my prebed would be closer to 40g. Am I wrong in thinking that your body handles fats better at night (whatever that means... I guess it implies less fat storage) because I read something like that somewhere on the big wide web.

So my question is why do so many of us eat whole eggs in the morning when they would potentially slow down digestion of nutrients after a fast, wouldn't it be a better choice to put them later in the day or prebed? (If you're limited to 4 eggs a day by tightass food rationing)


or you can have two in the morning and two at night?


i have 3 morning 3 night and sometimes 3 before training if i fancy scrambled eggs


Social programming perhaps just makes us regard eggs as breakfast fare.


That and pople like to follow John Berardi's nutrition timing


6 raw organic, blended with quart of whole organic raw milk, and 2 scoops of whey iso (plus a handful of berries for flavour)...great breakfast.


eggs are pretty easy as far as a cooked meal goes.

why are muffins breakfast food, why are sandwhiches lunch food? its just social constructs dude. no one knows why, ok someone probaly does, but for the most part no one knows why; we just do it.


Im convinced it doesnt really matter to most people. Unless you are going from 9% BF to 3% then i bet the difference would be unnoticeable.

I eat eggs all day but like to eat them in the morning for their protein bioavailability and they are delicious. I eat them at night when i feel the mood too. Timing would be more of an issue if you were at a diet plateau or needed to get sub 8%.

Ive never seen a client that had to worry about timing of eggs and fats etc. when they were simply eating the right foods. Carbs is a different story. timing those is key.



Probly my favourite food, 5 in the morning and 3-4 at night
Usually just drink 'em when I'm lazy


Because it's minutia.


I have my eggs at night, because of the protein/fat combo pre bed. I also don't have them in the morning, because I love carbs and morning time is oatmeal time.


I think many people are getting caught up in the little details of things. Who cares when you eat them? It doesnt matter!As long as your not eating like a fat ass, it doesnt matter!

Though nutrient timing is a truly good way of doing things, people take something thats so simple and make it a career. Then they start flipping out if they have fat & carbs in the same meal........or that they got more fat than is recommended with breakfast, or more carbs in their evening meal!

Its the little stuff that holds people back.


I have 2 hard boiled every morning with my breakfast and 1 at night, I break off about 3/4 of the yolk and toss it


It makes sense to me to have my most calorically dense meal first thing in the morning...and that would be sausage and eggs.




Well you gotta have sausages with your eggs and we all know they're a breakfast food. You can't deny that logic.


Why do you do that?


I thought he was being funny.


Not with 4 posts he's not.


Whole eggs here for a protein source in the morning. Decided that I wasn't being payed for all this shit so why deprive myself and end up with some sort of eating disorder.