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I'm starting a log. Before we get to the plan, here's some background info: I've got next to no experience. I am somewhat out of shape. I look skinny and sort of soft. I'm weak. I'm lazy in pretty much every area of my life. I hope to change all of this, and I'm gonna start in the gym.

Height: 5'10'' to 5'11''
Weight: 188 (but I don't look that big)

And the plan is pretty simple. I'll lift four days a week, and hopefully I'll do an ample amount of cardio as well. The lifting days are as follows:

Chest, Biceps, Abs
Legs, Calves
Shoulders, Triceps, Abs
Back, Calves

Incline Bench Press- 4 sets, work up to a 6-10 rep set
Dumbbell Bench Press- 3 sets, work up to an 8-12 rep set
Decline/Regular Bench Press- 3 sets, work up to an 8-12 rep set
Machine Flye- 3 or 4 sets of 8-15 reps

Back Squat- 4 sets, work up to a 5-8 rep set
Romanian Deadlift- 4 sets, work up to a 6-10 rep set
Leg Press- 3 sets, work up to a 10-15 rep set
Leg Curl- 3 or 4 sets, work up to a 6-10 rep set
Leg Extension- 3 sets [optional]

Dumbbell Shoulder Press- 3 or 4 sets, work up to a 6-10 rep set
Dumbbell Lateral Raise- 3 sets, work up to an 8-12 rep set
Machine Lateral Raise- 3 sets, work up to an 8-12 rep set

Deadlift [if allowed]- 4 sets, work up to a 5-8 rep set
Lat Pulldown- 4 sets, work up to an 8-12 rep set
Dumbbell Row- 4 sets, work up to an 8-12 rep set
Underhand Machine Row- 3 sets, work up to an 8-12 rep set
Machine Reverse Flye- 3 or 4 sets, 8-15 reps

Alternate Dumbbell Curl- 3 sets, work up to a 6-10 rep set
Machine Preacher Curl- 3 sets, work up to an 8-12 rep set
Pinwheel Curl- 3 sets, work up to an 8-12 rep set

Close Grip Bench Press- 4 sets, work up to a 6-10 rep set
PJR Pullover/Skullcrusher- 3 or 4 sets, work up to an 8-12 rep set
V-Bar Pushdown-3 or 4 sets, 8-15 reps

I know it seems very concise and all, and I did do a lot of reading on these forums before coming up with it, but this plan is open to change and I'm sure it will change as soon I get a feel for what I like. I'll try to do cardio after the lifting except for leg days, as well as some cardio on other days. If you've read this far I thank you.


What are your workouts actually gonna look like?

And good luck. I know starting to train and powerlift again after a few years of neglect has completely changed the person I am, from the way I eat (never thought I'd like vegetables) to the ample amounts of energy I have.


May as well post what I remember of Monday's Chest and Biceps. All weights are in pounds:

Incline Bench Press- 45x?, 95x8, 115x10
Dumbbell Bench Press- 30x8, 35x6, 45x9
Flat Bench Press- 45x?, 95x7, 115x6 [crap :(]
Machine Flye- 85x?, 100x?, 115x8

Alternate DB Curl- 25x6 or 7, 30x6, 35x7
Machine Preacher Curl- 3 sets ???
Pinwheel Curl- 25x?, 27.5x?, 30x? [I remember it wasn't enough :/]

I'll use more weight on the Incline Bench Press, and on the other exercises I'll go for more reps first. Especially on the dumbbell exercises.


Well, each exercise except for a few exercises at the end will be just ramping up to a top set, like they do in the bodybuilding DVDs. After that I'll do some abs and calves, then cardio if time permits. Hopefully the workouts will actually look like I've planned them out, on day for chest and biceps, one for shoulder triceps, one for back, and one for legs. I guess sort of like Mondays workout, but with a little more tacked on.

And thanks for the kind words, I appreciate that :). Good luck with your training too.


Shoulders, Triceps, and Abs today [but abs not so much]. And it went:

DB Shoulder Press- 20x8, 25x8, 30x6, 35x8
DB Laterals- 15x5, 15x8, 15x8
Machine Lateral Raises- 40x?, 50x6, 65x8

Close Grip Bench Press- 45x?, 65x8, 95x6, 105x10
PJR Pullovers [with barbell]- 25x?, 35x10, 45x8, 55x9
V Bar Pushdowns- 50x?, 60x10, 80x10, 100x8

I did the DB Laterals bilaterally, which I hadn't don't before and ended up using less weight that I thought and the ROM wasn't as good, so I might go back to unilateral laterals. I'll up the weight on CG bench press for the next time, and go for more reps on the other exercises. I think maybe using less reps on the warm up sets of the exercises might allow for more reps in the final set, so I'll pay attention to that next time.

Went to McDonald's after the workout and got three double cheeseburgers. Hey, it's cheap meat.


this looks good man

take this to heart if you want

after the incline and db pressing

do a superset of db flyes and db pullovers 3x10


on the rdl switch up the technique...do them with wide stance as far as possible and point your toes out...grab the bar in the middle and squeeze the glutes to raise the bar through the hips.

make the leg extensions mandatory do 3x10...1 set with nuetral toe position 1 set with pointed out then 1 pointed in

as far as the rest goes it looks pretty good, I'd change a few other things but I'm insane...so its not gonna help you


p.s. your title is cool lol it says LD lmao!


Hey, Rock, thank you for the suggestions.

I think for now I'll use the Machine Flyes after my chest pressing exercises, which I think will achieve the same effect as the superset if I manipulate the rest properly, but if I don't like the flyes I'll definately try your idea. I'm still a beginner though so I dunno if supersets are necessary right now.

I haven't tried the RDL's yet, but if I don't like the normal way I'll definitely give your version a try. Although I'm primarily doing the RDL's for hams.

The leg extension idea sounds pretty good and I think I've read of them before, and I think I will try that on my next workout. The reason I put them as optional is because I dunno if I'll be able to do them with a appreciable amount of weight after the other exercises, but if I can I'll do 'em your way. Thanks for that.

And I'm glad you liked the title :D, it's a line from 'Damn!' by Youngbloodz featuring Lil Jon. Judging by past posts I'm not sure if that's your kind of hip hop, but it couldn't hurt to give it a listen :). LD just stands for Larry David btw.

Thanks for the feedback.


Dude, I'm a youngbloodz fan....U-WAYY!!!! lol if lil jon wasn't popular that summer from that retarded "get low" song youngbloodz would've never gotten the play the did. So their realness is intact. lol

but for further explanation

on the chest the idea of pressing is gppd for tearing the muscle down and getting blood there. that's where your incline and db press come in. The superset I told you about is good for stretching that muscle and getting the blood to evenly disburse through the whole thing. Far superior to machine flyes....you are a beginner but I'm sure you could handle it.

for the rdl's, mine are called keystones...they're American!

like you said you want ham development from them

here's the test

stand with your feet straddled, and toes pointed out...bend over and do a phantom lift....you will definitely notice greater hamstring activation

as for the extensions, its really one set targeting three different areas of the quad, so they'd be less of a stress....if you throw the kdl's rather than the rdl's you won't need the ham curls right now

What are you doing for abs? take a look in my blog my routine is there

I'll definitely answer any questions ya got, anytime.


Ha, pretty good song you mentioned there, hadn't heard that before. I'm gonna have to find some more songs by them; only one I have right now is 'Damn!'

The thing is I've sort of gotten accustomed to the machine flyes and so starting adding the DB flyes would mean I'd have to start over sort of. And since they're similar, I'd rather keep the machine flyes, especially since they stress the muscle the entire way through.

Although I will definately add in the DB pullovers if I can, I remember doing them before and they gave me a wicked chest pump. I just don't know if I should do them before or after the flyes. Supersetting is very unlikely as I'm usually in the gym when it's crowded.

Shit. I just tried it and you're completely right. I'll be doing the RDL's your way (KDL's) when I do my leg work. I should've just stood up and tried it the first time you described it :D. Thanks for this.

Well, yesterday I did those kneeling curls on the cable station, and some leg raises. I'm gonna just do two exercises and focus on progressing either by weights or reps. I'll take a look at your log for some ideas.

Thanks for the help again.


Glad I could help out

any other questions/issues drop by my training log and ask


Thanks, will do.

Was going to go to the gym today but the guy I was going to go with told me our gym was close today, so tomorrow I'll do Chest, Biceps, Abs. If I do anything else today I'll just edit it in.


sounds good

in your avatar...i can't decide if its her ass or the way she moves it...i cant stop looking...she winds her hips so perfect


Rock, it's neither. It's the guy behind her and you know it...j/k man :smiley:

And onto today's Chest, Biceps, and [not] Abs:

Incline Bench Press- 45x?, 95x7, 105x5, 125x8
DB Bench Press- 30x8, 35x6, 45x12 [oh snap!]
Flat Bench Press- 45x?, 95x5, 115x2 (and one more rep with a spotter)-WTF?
DB Pullover- 25x10, 35x6, 45x12 [at Rock's suggestion, I like these]
Machine Flye- 85x8, 100x8, 115x9

Alternate DB Curls- 25x6, 30x5, 35x6
Machine Preacher Curls- 50x10, 65x8, 80x8
Pinwheel Curls- 25x7, 27.5x7, 30x10 [last 2 reps not clean]

Then I did a little over 20 minutes on the elliptical for cardio. I could've done more, and will in the future.

Then I ate 2 double cheeseburgers at McD's. Should've eaten 3, maybe 4. But there's always tomorrow :D.

Pretty happy with the incline bench since I added 10lbs and only lost 2 reps. Hopefully all ten next week. Looks like I'll try the 50s on DB bench and DB pullovers next week. The weight on the other lifts will stay the same until I get more reps.

I think I may take out the flat bench press since it accomplishes the same as the DB bench press, and I've added in a new exercise in the DB pullovers. Plus it'll allow me to maybe use more weight on the exercises after it if I take out flat bench.

I forgot to do abs, pretty stupid I know. But hey, the day's not over! Fuck it, yes it is.


Anyway, today I did Back:

Lat Pulldowns- 70x?, 85x9, 100x6, 115x9
DB Rows- 35x8, 40x6, 50x9
Underhand Machine Rows- 85x10, 100x6, 115x6
Machine Reverse Flyes- 70x8, 85x6, 100x5
Bent Over BB Rows- 45x?, 65x10, 75x6

And then I went on the elliptical for 10 minutes.

And then I had 3 double cheeseburgers at McDizzle's.

I guess I'll be using the same weight for all exercises except for the machine flyes, which I'll drop to maybe 80lbs and try to do four work sets on. Only did the BB rows since I didn't do deadlifts, if I do 'em again I'll maybe move them earlier in the workout.


Did Shoulders and Triceps today:

DB Shoulder Press- 20x?, 25x8, 30x5, 40x10
Close Grip Bench Press- 45x10, 65x8, 95x6, 115x12, 135x3
DB Laterals- 15x10, 15x9, 15x7
Machine Laterals- 40x10, 50x6, 65x10
PJR Pullovers- 25x?, 35x10, 45x7, 55x10
V Bar Pushdowns- 50x10, 70x10, 80x8, 100x7

3 double cheeseburgers again.

I'm pretty happy overall with this workout. Cardio and abs were skipped, but next week I'll be doing cardio, abs and calves regardless of whether my lifting buddy does or not. Moving the close grip bench to the second exercise in the workout turned out to be a very good idea. My real work set was the one with 115lbs-I just tried 135lbs for fun, but next week I'll use 135 as my work set weight. I'll also move the DB laterals to the end of shoulders so I can put more weight on the machine laterals. On the PJR pullovers I'll take one warm up set off, and use less reps in the warm ups, but I'll still use 55lbs for the work set next week. Will try 45lbs for DB shoulder press next week, and maybe something higher on machine laterals too.


Did Chest and Biceps today:

Incline Bench Press- 45x?, 95x8, 115x4, 125x10
DB Bench Press- 30x8, 40x5, 50x10
DB Pullover- 30x8, 40x5, 50x10
Machine Chest Press- 55x8, 70x5, 85x5, 100x10
Machine Flye- 85x12, 85x12, 85x12, 85x12, 85x5

Alternate DB Curl- 20x?, 25x6, 35x6
Machine Preacher Curl- 50x10, 65x6, 80x10
Pinwheel Curl- 25x7, 25x6, 30x12
Cable Curl- 50x12, 50x12, 50x12

Yes, 3 double cheeseburgers.

Pretty good day at the gym today. Pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty...pretty, pretty good. Will be moving up in weight on Incline Bench, Machine Flyes, and Pinwheel Curls, and going for reps on the other exercises. I am going to have to make it a habit to do abs, cardio, and calves though. And for some reason my Alternate DB Curls won't improve, but it's early, and the other biceps stuff are fine. Cable curls didn't feel too great but I got a good pump so I may tack them on to the ends for fun if I have time. They won't be a regular exercise, however.


Short sloppy leg workout, but I was just getting a feel for some exercises I hadn't tried before.

Leg Extensions- worked up to 85x10, but could've done 100 for 10
Leg Press- worked up to a 45lb and a 35lb plate on each side for 10, could've done a lot more
Leg Curl- Worked up to 85x10, could've done 100

Next week I'll do a better leg workout, complete with squats and keystone deadlifts.

EDIT: oh ywah...3 double cheeseburgers.


Combined Back and Shoulders and Tri's today:

Close Grip Bench Press-45x?, 95x8, 115x5, 135x12
DB Shoulder Press- 25x?, 30x8, 35x5, 45x5
Lat Pulldowns- 70x10, 85x8, 100x6, 115x9
Lateral Raises- 15x10, 15x8, 15x7
Machine Seated Rows- 55x10, 70x8, 85x6, 100x10
Machine Reverse Flyes- 55x10, 70x10, 85x10

Meh, I'll do better on most of those lifts when I go back to separate days for Back, and Shoulder+Triceps, next week.

No cheeseburgers :(.


Eeeeeeeehhhh sort of a bad workout today, did Chest and Biceps today. I was supposed to do this yesterday but I had a big test. I made a mistake of eating to soon before lifting (I ate right before I left home) and it bothered me for the whole workout. And I forgot my workout so I don't remember what my warm up sets were. Anyway:

Incline Bench Press- Worked up to 135x7, not as good as I'd hoped, but next week'll be better
DB Bench Press- Worked up to 50x12, maybe I should've used 55lbs for the first time...
Machine Chest Press- Worked up to 100x12
Machine Flyes- 85x12, 85x12, 85x10, wow worse than last week- not good at all

Alternate DB Curls- Worked up to 35x9, finally went up
Machine Preachers- Worked up to 90x12
Pinwheel Curls- up to 30x12

Double Cheeseburger- 3 reps

I guess I'll remember to eat well before leaving next time. And I'll start do some biceps exercises earlier as it worked with the alternate db curls.


Shoulders and Triceps today:

DB Shoulder Press- worked up to 45x10
Close Grip Bench Press- worked up to 135x8 (wow doing these second instead of first= big difference)
DB Front Raises- Worked up to 20x10
Upright Rows- worked up to 65x10 but with sloppy form
Seated Lateral Machine- worked up to 65x12
Cable Lateral Raises- 10x10, 10x10
PJR Pullovers- worked up to 55x12
V Bar Pushdowns- worked up to 100x10

3 double cheeseburgers.

I'm considering doing another vertical pull to get my lats on back day, and maybe even giving arms their own day, but we'll see.