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If You Don't Crack a Smile, You Have No Soul


I cracked a smile.


Ha the first three seconds i was like i'm not gonna laugh.

Check this video out and try not laughing: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dyMXYE_50Ts


Haha, you know, ive heard that song before on a different Site, Newgrounds.com. Fantastic.


That's awesome.

I'm going to forward that to everyone I know to make up for sending them links to bananaphone and badgers badgers badgers badgers. :smiley:


Yay I have a soul!


Not funny. But it was a bit cute... except for the hamsters. Hamsters just suck.


grins from ear to ear


Haha Fucking Bananaphone.



Put them in your shirt and feel the tiny little claws on your skin. It will freak you out. We didn't get out much as kids.


Dammit, I tried and tried and I couldn't stop smiling at the first two links.



What's to smile about?

Rodents eat food, just like people.


And FTR, the song sounds like shitty J-Pop.


I'm fucked...

I have no soul.


Proving The Darkness both has soul and is superbad.


The vids sucked balls.