If You Crash Your E2, How Long Until Recovery?

How long till you can recover to normal e2 levels if you just keep taking your 200mg a week and stop taking ai for awhile till recovered?

I recovered twice as fast the second time I crashed E2 drinking a beer or two before bed for a week.

2 weeks - month

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has anyone recovered faster?

It’s just depends on how quickly the AI exits your system. Once enough of it is gone, you’ll be fine pretty quick.

It depends on what AI you used.

It is often a faster recovery time if you crashed with arimidex than aromasin.

it took 2 weeks for me to recover from crashed E2 from aromasin.


They say arimidex half life is like 50 hours.

My crashed E2 took a month until I felt back to normal. Took a little over 2 weeks the second time but I drank beer to help it. Both were from anastrozole (arimidex).

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