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If you could.....

If you could train with any of the T-staff, who would it be and why? Personally it would be a tough choice between Bill Roberts, John Beradi and Chris Shugart, cus all these guys really seem to know their stuff though i think i’d choose Chris due to his motivational abbility. Anyone else?

definitely coach john davies. The other guys know there stuff, but he’s insane. In a good way :slight_smile:

TC cause he doesn’t have good genetics yet is still ripped and hard. He also obviously knows his shit not to mention the fact that he is a riot. Sounds like a good training partner to me. ~PorchDawg

I’d train with Chris Shugart, ‘cause he and I both used to be fatties, both came from small towns, and we both like knives. And any guy who taught high school and worked as a gravedigger has to be a few notches off kilter.

I’m with Steve. Coach Davies all the way. You talk about someone taking some extreme measures to get the most out of his guys. He’s the one.

I would be thoroughly embarassed to train with any of them. :wink:

ian king-i just love his philosphy on training

I would have to train with TC also. After all, out cardio would mean diving in the panty bin at Woolworths, or oggling at pics of Anna Kournikova. You can’t ask for a better workout partner.

I’m not exactly sure if hes considered T-staff or a guest writer but I would have to go with Ian King. There is just something about his articles that always intrigue me and he seems tops in his class when it comes to intelligence.

Dave Tate or Ian King, I get the feeling that the technique tips they could show you would probably push some poundages up with one workout. I've made some nice improvements from incorporating ideas in articles from both these gentlemen, I think an in person workout session would really help.

Probably Coach Davies or Chris Shugart because they’re old-school.

Dave Tate for sure.

Hmmm… I would like to train with anybody who has at least 10 % of my knowledge - and I know very little or almost nothing. I am surrounded by total retards in the gym so I have to restrain myself from ripping someone’s head off on a daily basis. So far, I know two guys that know as much as I do or more about training and they even do not live in my city. I am not afraid to say that I know more than most competitive bodybuilders in my area - it is just that shitload of roids, GH, food, pure luck and genetics help them tremendeously. Anyway, success in this game is unfortunately not always determined by the level of knowledge. T-Mag staff? My first choice would be Toney, TC’s dog. Beautiful beast.

No question…TC, Chris and J.B.

Believe it or not…I have it as one of my motivational “goals” to take a trip out to the headquarters one day (planned and with permission, of course!) to push a little iron with those guys and “pick their brains”…

Chris… cause I think the basis for his haircut is funny. grin Anyway, I know Chris the best out of the T-mag staff, and I think it would be cool to train with him. Anyone on the staff would be grat though, since most have gone from ‘normal/fat’ to the T-men that they are now… and people who have ‘been there’ are the best people to get help from.

Personally I’d rather train with Chris. I’ve met him and he’s a great guy and he’s really worked hard at building himself up. I think our backgrounds as far as weight is similar (a la Demo’s post) so he’d be very motivational as a training partner.

But in terms of actual help to my program, gotta go with Ian King. I'd love to have him watch me in the gym for one week and help me with form and suggest new things to overcome my unique gym issues. I can't seem to find anyone else who has the patience to take on a solid challenge. I'd absolutely MAKE someone a case study :)

Definitely John Berardi! I admire his physique, you can tell he walks the walk. His body building training knowledge coupled with his nutritional advice would be inspirational and invaluable.

id probably go with beradi to lunch… shugart to workout… and bill roberts for other times to tell me about supplements… even though bill seems to be the most all around guy!

First choice, John Berardi, second Chris Shugart. But if I got to train with any of them, I’d try to convince them to talk to Arnold and get him to train with us too. Oh man, can anyone imagine how sweet it would be to train with Arnold?

It is a tough toss up between Coach Davies and Ian King. I would love to spend a workout with each of them to experience the precision calculated insanity of Coach Davies’ style and to witness the balanced detail of Ian King’s programs.