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If You Could Turn Back Time...


This question applies to those that have been training for more than 5 years.

If you could turn back time, What would you do different with training, diet, and the time you committed to lifting.

For me I would have trained my damned calves an forearms from the start. I could always dunk, so didn't bother with them. Playing catch-up ain't fun. I also would have tried more supps. I'm aging myself but vanadyl sulfate was all the rage when I was in my heyday, never tried it though, so was OKG


Man, I thought those littel bluy VS pills were gonna make me hyooooge! -lol.

Training wise,.. I think anything would have stimulated growth at an early age,.. but diet wise?! No one really ever sat me down and said "you need x amount of protein every few hours". I think the consistency in my eating, combined with understanding PWO nutrient uptake (and the difference between fastr and slow proteins) is what really started actually putting on some muscle. Too bad I didn't know that stuff sooner!



I would actually lift weights through my twenties.

  1. Learn correct form for all the big lifts: squat, deadlift, press, bench, clean.

  2. Relentlessly pursue higher weights on the big lifts.

  3. Learn how to cook. Eat well: lots of lean protein, veggies and fruit; moderate healthy fats; starches with breakfast and PWO.

  4. Introduce pure hypertrophy methods only after getting strong. (And then, cycle back and forth.)


not wasted years in a crap gym with only machines, following programs from muscle and fitness magazines. great for getting a pump, useless for lasting strength and size.


What is the difference between fast and slow proteins?


Fast Protein = Whey. Best utilized PWO,or right upon waking if you can't eat right away.

Slow Protein = Casein. Best used Pre-bed, as it will slowly be utilized to repair, as you will most likely be going several hours (sleeping) without regular feedings.



I have read in some study that a PWO shake did cause greater hypertrophy/protein synthesis if it was a whey/casein blend. Too bad I was not smart enough to record and archive my sources at the time I read it, so I could re-check it now to see if it was something to believe.


Well, a blend of protein's is arguably better all the time as WHey is more Anabolic, but Casein is more anti-Catabolic. Don't bother splitting hairs though, just make sure you're getting enough each day.



I just drink Surge/Creatine post-workout and then milk later. Is that fast enough?...

I don't always have Surge though and just drink milk post-workout a lot. Is that fine? I know it takes longer to digest, but.. yeah. I haven't noticed any differences in gains or performance between when I'm using Surge or milk.


If you don't notice a difference in gains/performance between milk and Surge then why wouldn't it be fine to just stick with milk?

  1. I would have started lifting weights before I turned 30

  2. I would have eaten much much more - took me forever to realize the difference massive amounts of food makes

  3. I would have adopted the 'beat the damn logbook' mantra from day one

  4. I would have gotten a slow cooker and learned how to use it

  5. I would not have wasted money on supplements with ridiculous claims and focused only on the ones documented to work

  6. I would have set aside Sundays for cooking food for the entire week

  7. I would not play hero and use too heavy weights on new exercises without proper warm-up (and avoid a bicep tear)


artem you've managed 700 + posts, you have to know the difference between fast ans slow proteins.

if you are not supplementing you at least need whey, drink it immediately upon waking 20-40 grams, 20+ preworkout and 40+ post workout.

milk is great or gains, add cottage cheese and a handful of nuts to your bedtime snack if you aren't supplementing w/ casein at night.


i would have lifted throughout my twenties


I would have started deadlifting sooner.



good post


Took the words out of my mouth.
This is good advice any time!


Or instead of wishing you could turn back time, you could all shut up and lift.




Or at the very least NOT put that damn song in my head!!

Now I have to go find "Brown girl in the Ring (tra-la-la la-la)" to get it out.