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If You Could Recommend One Book?


hey guys, interested in your opinions and/or experiences here. If you could recommend only one book, either related to nutrition, bodybuilding, strength training or conditioning, what would it be??


The Vegetarian Myth.


Dinosaur Training

I wish I have had read this book years ago instead of stupid bodybuilding magazines wich fucked with my head when you are as stuborn as hell drug free prepare for a world of shit if you try copy those routines. get the book you will not be sorry.



Ian King's Book of Muscle is good.


Arnold: The Education of a Bodybuilder.

Really gives you a great insight about the mindset of one of the greatest.


Scrawny to Brawny offers pretty much everything one needs to know about Nutrition, definitely one of my favourites. I don't like the training section as much, though


Books/articles about training can be found all over the place, so I'd suggest something on a more broad, but still-related, topic.

Muscle, Smoke and Mirrors by Randy Roach.

Talks about the origins of bodybuilding as a sport and the beginning of the fitness industry, including a who's who of key figures from the 1800s to the 1960s, and discusses basic training methods through the same time periods.


what if he is a fatty? it wouldnt be a good recommendation, since i'm not scrawny anymore i just donated the book.


Say what? The title isn't really relevant it since its a great nutritional section in general. Sure "fattys" are smart enough to know that above maintenance = gaining, below = losing, rest of the principles apply as far as I can see.


The Anabolic Diet for nutrition and max ot for training


Any cook book with the macro's written down along with the recipe. Timeless


Any specific one you would like to recommend? very interested in this.


Never Let Go by Dan John
Beyond Bodybuilding by Pavel


Extreme Muscle Enhancement by Dr Carlon Colker. I have tons of books that I would recommend without hesitation, but this one really does cover all the bases as far as training, nutrition, even supps, and it does so in a pretty straight forward, no nonsense manner (plus it agrees with everything I've been saying for years now!)



Any type of dieting book will have a recipes written down with the macros, example would be the South Beach Diet. I know "bodybuilders don't do the south beach diet" but food is food and macros are macros. Just double up.

You could get a "bodybuilding" cookbook (google the term, a few will pop up) which would have macros too, but you would have to deal with the gimmicky writing style. lol

Either way, they are a great tool and they are so varied i can't really suggest just one.


sounds like what i'm looking for. Found a copy on amazon for £20 used, i'm gonna trust you here and give it go. thanks for the recommendation.


Tom Venuto's Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle


why not, the 4 hour body tim ferriss, just cuz its a big and covers a whole bunch of subjects
too many to list.


I have to second Never Let Go by Dan John as well. I also really like The Complete Keys to Progress by John Mccallum.


Yes! I've got this on my toilet, read through it at least 5 times over so far.