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If You Could Only Do Two Lifts


I'm really bored in class so I'm just throwing this out there...if you could only do two lifts, what would they be? Me personally- deadlifts and pullups


Power clean and shoulder width incline.


I might replace deads with squats or keep deads and replace pull ups with over head press.


Squats and Chins

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Deadlifts and bench.


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deads and overhead press.


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Decline sit ups and tricep kick backs (low weight/hi rep of course) gotta stay toned


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do the variations count as 1 lift? so incline, flat and decline would be considered three seperate lifts?

for me it would be incline bench and deads.


it's a jersey thing


If compound movements count, then muscle ups and clean&press.
If not, deadlift and overhead press.


If I can only pick two, then I only need one. The Bear.

3 is more reasonable as you have upper pull, upper push and a compound lower body. Mine would be Squat, Bench and T-Bar Row.



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Squats and deads. (:


Deadlifts and Military Press


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Anal and Oral.