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If you could magicly change your gender to female for a day - would you?

Interesting question. Lets say that you could magicly become a hot chick for a day. Would you? That would be interesting…

As long as I wasn’t on the rag that day, I would. I would head to the titty bar for some sweet, sweet lesbian loving.

I’d be one slutty ho making tha coin for a day. Actually I think I would just eat a ton of beans and then go out an fart in front of people. So that people could say they saw a girl fart. Which makes me ask the question to the lady t-maggers…where does all the gas go? Does your head just explode one day? I’m kiddding don’t answer. :wink:

Wait I change my answer. I would rob a bank with no mask on and I would even whip down my pants and show everyone on the floor my coochie. Then I would get away with the money. And later I would change back into a guy and they would be looking for a hot chic. Me so smart. :wink:


Hmmm… NO. The idea of other guys hitting on me just isn’t appealing.

Um…no. I’d miss my “little buddy” too much.

To reverse the scenario - yes, I’d love to be a hot guy for a day (and night!). I’d love to know what morning wood is like. I’d like to go shopping and buy a pair of jeans based soley on the waist and inseam measurements. I’d love to know what masturbation and blow jobs feel like. I’d get to say shit like “I love pussy” and “Suck my dick, bitch” without getting grief from people. I’d like to know precisely the differences in sensation between vaginal and anal sex. I’d finally know what it’s like to be done “getting ready” less than 5 minutes after stepping out of a shower.

And of course I’d write my name in the snow.

NO. I would never give up the convenience of being able to pee standing up. Has anybody noticed the long lines outside women’s bathrooms at concerts, theaters, etc?

Damn, ~karma~, now I know I’d miss my “little buddy” too much! (Excellent post, by the way :wink: )

i would just stay at home and masturbate

Karma–I dig you tons.

If I were a hot chick for a day… First, I’d go to blockbuster, rent a couple of chick flicks and see what all the fuss is about. Then I’d head straight to the girls locker room at 24 hour fitness and hit on chicks for a couple hours. (“Wow your breasts are soo pirky!” “Why don’t we sit in the sauna and I’ll rub those sore shoulders of yours.” “Awww, razor burn your legs and bikini line? You poor thing! Let me put rub lotion on there for ya”) Then I’d go to to a Hometown Buffet or some other all you can eat joint and eat my brains out because who cares? Then I’d go to a bar and drink my brains out (probably on the tab of some dolting idiot) After getting plowed for free, I’d round off the day by picking a fight and talking my way out of jail by blaming it on the idiot buying me drinks…

Been there, done that…

Tieraus (s/p?) dude, that was hilarious, I almost spit out my water when I read that, but yes I would change, just so I could find out where that damn G spot is.

I would probably spend all day sitting at home nekkid in fron of a mirror playing with myself, or go and pick up some hot lesbians.