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If You Could Have Only One Supp


Which T-Nation product cant you live without? If you could only choose one?.... what would it be?

MAG-10, Surge, or BCAA for Peri-Workout?!

Ive been trying to decide which one of these is most important... Im taking Indigo-3g so im not really feeling an absolute need for the Surge. I think I choose MAG-10 for the protein during my extended workouts.

What do yall think?


MAG-10 is first choice. BCAA is the less expensive option. I always make sure to have one of them in because I've seen a pretty big difference in my ability to hold on to muscle/strength while keeping one of the two in my PWO protocol


How effective is MAG-10? ive never actually taken it?


holymac used MAG-10. it's super effective!


On a scale from 1-effective it's like a 67.654.

Lol like I said, it helps with retention of muscle and strength, which is pretty clutch if your BW is going down (as it probably will with Indigo). I like it, it worked well when I used it. That's about as good of an endorsement as I can give.


You are a fucking poet. Or something.


So why arnt you using it now then big mack?



I'm in college so I can't have every supplement or food item that I want.


Same here... so what have you limited yourself to? Im trying to find out whats the best bang for your buck as well. Haha indigo has put me in a tight bind. but i always perform better with my back against the wall. more to loose but and sooo much to gain.


Of the three you listed, I'd take MAG-10. It's the most versatile since it can be taken peri-workout or throughout the day.

This statement tells me that you don't understand what either Indigo-3G or Surge are for.

From your MMA nutrition thread, your training and nutrition need serious improvement. Now is not the right time for you to be on Indigo. But since you've already gotten it, make sure you explain your goals, current training, and current diet to Shugart and Thibaudeau in the Livespill and then make whatever changes they advise.


Ive gone a little a wall the last 2-weeks, haha.

I plan on following your advice and keeping a good log for the next month in the Indigo log. Honestly prolly half the reason I got Indigo was so I could make a log and track improvments over time while also getting help from the bests.

At the same time I thought Indigo would help promote strength and fat loss at the same time while I get ready for competition season Beginning of april.

Either way Ive been reading so much on it i had to try it.

I look forward to the experience of traking my stuff in a log going into my fights... lol well see what happens. thanks for the help.



Honestly, this shit changed how I eat completely.


Haha I noticed at the beginning of your thread you where drinking it religiously.
I took an entire 2 weeks pay and ordered the Indigo and the MAG-10 cause I finally read your log mr. Professor man.

Oh so right now im not planning on using a creatine while I start indigo, just MAG-10 as my peri-workout and Metabolic Drive as my protien.... what you all think. Ill finish my metabolic in the next week and a half...


Check out my Indigo log if you want to see what my diet/supplementation are like. I posted a sample day recently- should be in one of the two most recent pages. ryanbCXG is another Indigo user of a similar age who is working under financial constraints, so his log would probably be good to check out as well.

Also, I notice that you're talking about MAG-10 and Metabolic Drive with the Indigo-3G, but make sure your solid food carb sources are good. Indigo-3G is all about the carbs. If you aren't going with any carb supplements, your solid food carbohydrate intake will be very important (if you don't want your Indigo purchase to be wasted).

Just in general, I recommend starting/maintaining a detailed Indigo-3G log and frequenting the spills so the coaches and other members of the Indigo Team can help you with your training/nutrition plan.