If you could have it...

My question again goes with what ru12nvme asked regarding injectables. What about orals? What orals would you like to see mixed together? and what do you think would be a fair price for each of the combinations you choose?
For example, I like winstrol/oxymetholone/clomid 50mgs of each
D-bol/winny 50mgs of each.

Thats hard because calculating what mg. of each ingredient in each pill because of the half life of the drug in your system and how many times a day you would have to take it… I mean you don’t want to take a crap load of anadrol just to get enough d’bol and keep your serum levels up…Kidneys & Liver watch out!!!

I think there are some good combinations such as anadrol and winny or d-bol and winny could be an effective pill and you could also add an anti-estrogen to the mix. Many people for example choose to use anadrol only when taking winstrol.