If you could have it

I am a little curious here. We have so many underground labs out there but it seems that very few really can deliver what the customer would want. I am sorta conducting a survey. If you could have anything put together in a bottle what would it be? What size? How much would you be willing to pay for it? This is all hypothetical of coarse :slight_smile: I will give an example of what I mean. I am talking about a complete stack in a bottle. Say a 30ml bottle of Test prop/enanthate/Tren Enanthate complete with Adex in the mix. The whole object would be to have the whole cycle in the bottle. One bottle, one cycle. Am I crazy? What would you like to see that you are’nt getting?

i would like to have instant poon in a bottle.lol

I’m a short acting guy. I would love a var/halo pill (25mg/10mg) and a 50ml jug of 50mg boldenone propionate/50mg Masteron/50mg test prop.
This would be my pre fight mix.
But hey that’s just me

I think I wanna re-state that…
I’m a long acting guy who likes short acting esters…yeah that’s better

100mg prop/75mg Tren 50ml

Redstar has done “stack in the bottle” options in the past with success. I don’t know that I’d go for var/halo but tren/prop is a good choice.
RSOC actually made one that was Primo/tren/prop/adex
I liked it!

I like to keep it simple…300mg deca/250mg test enanthate per ml…
maybe Im biased because of my source (2hrs from quality vet products) but this stack ALWAYS works well and the gains are damn near permanent.

Personally I’d just like to see classic stacks with enanthate esters so you didn’t have to be constantly poking yourself to maintain consistent blood levels.

How long would you be willing to wait if they would custom make it specifically for you?

if it were real…hell Ive been waiting years so what kinda time frame are you asking about…hrs? days? months? yrs?

Tren enenthate long acting

what I mean is simply this. Lets say you wanted an available product made into a stack of your choice. Most companies don’t have this laying around they say this is what I am selling and that is that and this is what you can buy. How long would you be willing to wait for somebody to “Customize” your cycle in a bottle that is the question I am asking when I say, “How long would you be willing to wait”

2 months tops…I mean most people in this forum if they want something can get it…now how long will they wait for the convenience of an all in one bottle stack? of course somethings cannot be mixed together for long periods of time because of the structure of the molecules they may start to change if the mix don’t jive right…So if it were mixed custom it would not have a very long shelf life in some cases…

Here’s a few ideas I have, some of which i’ve tried already with very good success;

Test Prop-100mgs

With the option of Arimidex included in the solution<<<
For those of you who don’t know, Dbol is quite a bit more effective when injected…just as Winstrol is. Dbol IS a very good precontest Anabolic.

Test Enanthate-250mgs
Very basic and yet very effective stack.Dosage might change depending on solubility of compounds

Test Enanthate 250mgs

Another basic, high in demand stack

I also have more uncommon stacks that i’ll share when I get a chance

Ideally I think a guy get some venture capital to start his business and would have all the ingredients on hand. Then when orders came in he’s mix it up and send it off within a week. Of course this would take some equipment, skill, balls, etc.

i would think this idea would be very popular. assuming the source is reputable. i would be willing to wait a month or two. i usually plan cycles at least that far out anyway. tren had some great idea’s. my favorite would have to be a test enanthate/tren enanthate combo. the potency of a test/tren cycle with only two shots a week is making me hard!

the price of tren enanthate is pretty damn expensive however it can be done hypothetically speaking complete stack if it ever happened for around 500.00 for a 30ml bottle and you’d be looking at 175 test enanthate 175 tren enanthate 50 mg test prop with adex. Now you would probably have to inject three times a week but it still would beat the hell out of everyday.

Alot of these high concentration combos would need so much BA to keep the compounds in solution that it would cause extreme soreness and necrosis.

Yah but you can mix BB with BA to reduce this problem.

As far as how long would a person wait. Well I always plan my cycles at least 1 to 2 cycles a head of time. That means that I have all my gear for my next cycle and possibly the one after it while I am currently on another cycle. This way theres no problem with waiting for good shit to come. I think the guys like me who are serious into bodybuilding wouldn’t have a problem as long as you kept an open and honest dialouge with them throughout the waiting period.

Prisoner just answered how to solve the pain problem. BB solves the problem. You can reduce the BA to a lower ratio. BA is only to PRESERVE and prevent bacteria from growing in the solution. Upjohn cyp is painless because of the BB to BA ratio that is used. If anything happened the products will be well tested and people will be informed if they hurt or don’t hurt. The object is to get them to be painless as possible hypothetically of course.