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If You Could Go to MJ's Funeral Would You?


A few people from work are trying to get tickets to the memorial. There are only 15,000 tickets and 1 million people applied. I smell a riot.


I smell funky people, there are people already camping out at Staples Center, and after 5 days of no shower and the heat going on here, it's gonna smell bad.



he is a major icon.


You have a very good point, smelly people moon walking...

It's been all over the news about the memorial at staples center. It's going to be ridiculous, I would not go, I would just probably watch it on TV.


I guess African Americans smell bad. Is that your point. What about Spanish girls ??


Just about anyone after 5 days in the heat without a shower will smell. Don't go starting trouble.


To pick up bitches.


my ticket would end up on E-bay


As would mine. The estimates and speculation is ridiculous.


You are right sorry. I have been known to instigate. Wow 5 days in LA. Didn't realize.


Wow. And hear I was trying to figure out how or why somebody would go to a comic book character's funeral. You meant the other MJ. Got it now.


no, would sell the ticket on ebay


I'd rip the ticket apart in front of a group of fans.


The thought of opportunists signing up for tickets just to resell them pisses me off. Some people there really want to go, so if you don't want to go, don't sign up for the ticket.

What the fuck is wrong with you?


Would watch on tv, and sell ticket.


Unless you're going to pay your respects to the survived loved ones, attending celebrity funerals is a gratuitous waste of time. The man is gone. Remember what he did in life. Move on.


No. I would not want tickets. Call me cynical but the death of a celebrity just doesn't affect me that much. Sure it's sad but life goes on. I don't understand why so many people mourne the death of someone that didn't even know their name.


Not sure if you will be able to flog them on ebay.

My wife got caught out like that, bought tickets to the Diana memorial and couldn't sell them on ebay (admins were pulling the auctions down) ended up having to go. I refused to go with her.