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If You Could Go Back In Time...

If you could go back to when you first started lifting what would you do differently?

Easy not read the Weider mags for training advice.

Hurt my tendons, all ways sore & the protein shake tasted like ground up saw dust and baby powder…

That is what kept me from training with weights for 10 years…

not give into the whole BSN supps will make me huge and listen to my step-dad.

Eat even more.

I would embrace split routines.

i would not listen to the GNC guy like he was god

I would have eaten more and stuck with one way of training (bulking and heavy weights) and not listened to everyone who had an opinion.

i just looked in tcell alpha and there is basically this same thread WOOPS…I didnt jack it, SCOUTS HONOR!

I would have trained mostly full body big lifts, occasionally split routines. Instead, I beacme a Mentzer disciple, and spent years training much less than I should have been, while using incredible intensity on just a few sets for each muscle group. If you stopped gaining strength or muscle, Mentzer’s answer was always: train less often.

Once i started training like a normal person again, my gains came quickly.

If I could go back in time, I would have:

  • Ate more
  • Lifted heavier
  • Stuck to more of the basic compound exercises and not done so much isolation work.
  • Not changed routines too much based on what I last read in the muscle mags.
  • Probably the biggest thing would be not wasting time with gimcky training programs. I probably wasted a good year alternating between Power Factor training and Static Contraction training. I kept doing them thinking something was going to magically happen.

Start earlier instead of just reading about it-and just doing mostly cardio.

Done more while in HS.

Stopped stressing too much about little details in diet and just made it cleaner.

Bought Spike earlier!

[quote]red_scorpion wrote:
Eat even more.[/quote]


[quote]mnhockey19 wrote:
If you could go back to when you first started lifting what would you do differently?[/quote]

Start isolation/hypertrophy training right away, skip the “strength/compound lifts” phase.

Start strength/compound lifts phase right away, wait 'till later for “isolation/hypertrophy.” (whatever that means)

[quote]Nominal Prospect wrote:
mnhockey19 wrote:
If you could go back to when you first started lifting what would you do differently?

Start isolation/hypertrophy training right away, skip the “strength/compound lifts” phase.[/quote]

That is the type of retardedness I would expect to hear from a personal trainer…

left drugs, drink and general hedonism well alone.


I would of listened to all the chatter about the rotator cuff and actually trained it before I injured my shoulder <=/

I also would of not been so obsessed about chest training, but obsessed about back training instead.

I would of listened to my cousin and not skip back and leg workouts thinking they didn’t matter… luckily enough, even tho I trained like a douche for the first 3 months, as of today my frame is pretty symetrical and I’m not lacking too much back vs chest.

Looking back, I’d actually really like to completely start over lol

-Added more shoulder work
-Added WAY MORE back work
-Eat way smarter

trained smarter - less frequently and lower volume…i overtrained the first two years or so I lifted.

also, i would have worked more on technique rather than worrying how much weight i could stick on the bar…i;m paying for that now.

and i would have deadlifted sooner.