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If You Could Fight Anyone


i just got done watchin fight club and wanted to know who, if anyone,my fellow T-nationers would like to take on one on one.

Chuck Palahniuk- author of fight club. just because i would like to know if he can fight or just dream of schizophrenic stories about underground fighting.




My son's mother.


My foreman.

It wouldn't be much fight though. More like a one sided act of brutality.

It would still be fun though.

On a different note though, ever since that movie came out, people have been telling my that I remind them of Tyler Durden.

I just saw the movie on Friday night, and I wonder what it is about me that reminds them of him.


tyler durden


GSP or Tito


Lincoln...big guy, big reach
skinny guys fight to the burger.

God I love that movie. It has influenced my life in so many ways.


damn. you beat me to it


I would say, "my roommate," but he's just pathetic...it wouldn't be much fun.

Derek Jeter is my pick.


it wouldn't really be a fight but, hillary clinton... i hate that bitch


George Dubba Bush


Akon.....I cant stand that guys whiney voice and the way he acts so tough in his videos.
If that guy was NOT famous and ever in a bar or street fight he would get his ass handed to him.


"Ooh, good one."

That's some funny shit right there.


Jesus Christ. Let's see if he really turns the other cheek.


A feminist


-Alan Colmes
-Michael Moore
-That 29 year old sex offender who was posing as a 7th grade student.

All three at the same time.

Osama - hell yes! He and I in the octagon, bare knuckles.

Ward Churchill

Jessie Jackson

just to name a few.


HAHA or Kerry or Edwards, or Obama. or every one of them at the same time. Russel Crowe style with tigers and shit in the Colosium.

i could get real creative with that one.

"hey, want to make an omelet, gotta crack some eggs"

"your not your fucking khakis"


You take Hill, I'll take Bill.


I'd rather see Condi take on Hillary in a cage match. Hillary would last about 2 minutes.


I'd like to "fight" Dolly Parton or Sofia Loren in a jello wrestling match.

REALLY fight Bobby Brown, Don King, K-Fed, and Kurt Cobain.

In reality, there are a few people from my past that will get a beating should I ever see them again. #1 on the list is my girlfriend's Ex because he made my life A LOT harder by treating her so badly.