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If You Could Fight Anyone...


Ok before you bash this thread as immature, take a look at what website you're on......TESTOSTERONE!! So I shouldn't even have to explain why I am starting this thread. Now, let's start a discussion that Brad Pitt and Ed Norton had in "fight club". If you could fight anyone, who would it be? Make it a famous figure so that we can all know who it is. This person can be alive or dead (of course if you choose someone who is dead, we'll assume them to be alive).

My pick is Stanley "Tookie" Williams. What I would give to punch the shit out of his jaw and stomp on him while he is knocked down on the ground.


Been done. But I'd like to re-submit my vote for Kanye West anyways.



The entire Shirly Roper Baptist Clan that goes around picketing funerals of soldiers.

BTW, didn't Tookie take his last toke a few months back?


Osama bin Laden and Abu Musab al Zarqawi in a handicap match. I'd beat them until both of my hands and feet were broken.


Bill Romanowski. You know that would be one hell of a fight. period. dude is nuts!

  1. The 1986 Mike Tyson. He was the same age as me when he won his first Heavyweight Championship and I want to see how bad he really was.

  2. The baddest SEAL in the Navy - same reason as Tyson.

  3. Goliath - Try that million to 1 slingshot attempt.

I think fighting anyone less skilled/weaker than you only makes you a bully not a badass.

In case you didn't catch the news the terminator officially terminated "Tookie" 2 months ago.


Why would you want to fight a dead guy? It would be a little one sided.


Fedor Emilinenko...because he ain't all that.


Ayatollah Ali Khamenei and Mahmoud Ahmadijenad. Those fuckers need to be rocketed big-time.



Chuck Norris.
Offcourse I would die a sudden death but it's worth a try.


Holy shit, I would love to fight Derek Jeter! I actually called him out at a Yankee game (I was right behind the dugout) but he ran into the dugout like a bitch. I was totally in his head, he couldn't get a hit.


Oh shit...you just sealed your fate dude.


Shouldn't the oponent be real or can we start browsing Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat rosters?


I can't believe he ran, what a pussy!


I'd fight Zab Brenigan or whatever his name is. He posts on this site and we had a heated discussion yesterday. Just kidding Zab, ok maybe not..

As far as famous people go, I would love to go one on one with Hitler.



That bitch in china who has a website where she crushes and mutilates live kittens.


George W. Bush


Rosie O'Donnell, just because she is such bitch!

I know....our mothers taught us not to hit a lady, but I don't think she qualifies.

BAM! one right in the old baby-maker!


Challenging a biblical story? God's gonna strike you down faster than Chuck Norris.

And if Street Fighter is avialable then I want that green mutant werewolf thing.


The 123 kid, especially after he got the beard. No single person has ever pissed me off more than that scrawny little bastard.