If You Could Change One Thing about Yourself, What Would It Be & Why?

Thought I would add this to see what you guys would say.

Passive income.

I’d make it a LOT.

So I’d have more free time to spend with my family.


Body composition. I hate my body. But I am actively working towards the body I think I want.

Edit: errrr yea… better family guy :joy:


More patience. Every day I’ve spent as a parent has shown me how amazing patience can be, not only for the self, but for everyone you interact with on a daily basis.


Truth! It’s so hard being a parent. I see some people who it seems like they were born to be parents, I envy those people.

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Be better with girls lol.


If we’re talking about snap of the fingers change right now, I’d go with ability to zone in and focus. Right now I have to really dig in and focus on the task and I’m somewhat easily distracted … it’s improved with effort but still not where I’d like to be

to live in the moment.

I have a problem where “I’m not fully there” during stuff, and then when I look back at those moments I get deeply depressed that I didn’t actually ‘live it’.

does that make sense?

It’s your experience, does it make sense to you?

My question is what’s stopping you from doing that? When you look back and reflect and regret, do you also examine and understand why you think you weren’t fully there and take steps to improve it?

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I’m usually either worried about the future or regretful of the past. Living in a state of “what if” instead of “what is”.

what if I told you there was no such thing as the future or the past? there is only the present.

I would change the size of my penis.

Its 11" at the moment…I would reduce it to 7". You guys have know idea how hard it is!!! (boom boom)




Its really hard to walk around without getting tangled up. They don’t make pants my size.
I hate being treated like a sex object.
Whenever I ask a girl for sex, she sees how long it is and objects.

Makes sense to me. I am always analyzing and thinking. I also have ADHD, which I think makes it hard to turn off the ever running mind.

I was going to let this sit for a moment to see if it disappeared, but there it is, an hour later!

I get that though. For me it’s a case of practice. I find myself dwelling on the past or in fear of the future then snap back into the moment.

The majority of it is a response to pressure and stress. Comparing my self (internally) to the appearance of others, etc.

It’s one thing to review, make necessary changes and plan for the future, but it’s corrosive and disspiriting to live in a state of regret, self flagellation and bleakness.

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Since @T3hPwnisher already took the passive income one (I assume this is first come first served and only one unique wish each right?), I guess i’ll go for a couple extra inches of height.

5’11 but would love to be 6’1 / 6’2 ish.

Not so tall I can’t find clothes that fit, but tall enough to look ‘tall’ most of the time.

faster metabolism … . .

so i can eat what i want , when i want … would make me a happier person in general and all round better guy haha

Wait I want to swap.


I thought about this. But then again no girl has ever complained about my height. I think at 5’11 we’re good, for now. The real issue is that we will shrink with age, and in another (depending on your age) 10-20 years we’ll be 5’10 which fucking sucks.


I feel your pain. I’m like that, and I don’t even have much to be regretful for, and yet I am like this. I always think of different avenues I could have taken, so many opportunities squandered. My life could be drastically different from what it is now. Better? Maybe, maybe not, but different.

One of my biggest regrets that still haunts me is not following my college gf to NYC. She was a pretty spectacular person, and yet at the time I had 0 appreciation for her even though in the back of my head it was ringing loud and clear “follow her”

yet I didn’t. Now every time I want to inflict pain upon myself I take a quick glance at her instagram…it’s like setting myself on fire every time lol