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if you could be coached my the best...

My question to everybody is if you could be trained by anyone in the world who would it be and why?


Coach Davies, Oops I already do and have trained under him. I began training under Coach D in college exaclty four years ago. Long story short: ran a 4.42 at two different pro tryouts, played arena football. Trained me in boxing as well in which in exactly nine months he helped me win three fights, all in which I was way ahead of everyone I fought as far as conditioning goes. Coach D is and will always be my source for training.

Da Boxer

Louie or Poliquin, or Zatsiorsky, or Siff if he were still alive. Hell, if I could just get all of them to train that’d be cool too.

Waterbury and CT.

I like Chad for his no bullshit style and his unique approach to things.

I like CT for similar reason, plus his emphasis on olympic lifts.


I want to see accomplishes what he does, with or without the juice. :slight_smile:

I am with Al on this one. I am one of Coach’s athlete’s and would never seek out anyone else.
In faith,


Training Coach: Coach John Davies

Nutrition Coach: John Berardi

Christian Thibaudeau

I would go w/ Nate on this one and I did have the pleasure to meet and work with Coach Davies.

Christian Thibaudeau. That’s “CT” for those not afraid to try to spell it! :slight_smile:

TEK, I’m from Louisiana. I can spell Thibaudeau with several fingers tied behind my back. :wink:



C-Dubya…or Chad Waterbury, for the unenlightened readers.

Every program he’s written that I’ve tried has worked wonders for me. I also love his breaking the box approach. Since 100 reps came out, I’ve followed everything he’s written. Working D4H into my workouts right now.


Louie has the best price as far as training goes he’s free. Well not completly free you have to pay him with your pride and your soul!

All the people mentioned are great but I don’t feel there is anyone more complete then coach Poliquin.
He knows diet, strength training, conditioning, bodybuilding, stretching, soft tissue manipulation, along how to train for many differnt sports.
He also has more olypic medalits then any other strength coach.

T-mag is great because you basically can get trained by all these people if you just apply the knowledge you get from the articles.

-Great post-

I would just want to sit around with Dan Duchaine,drink beer, and oggle large breasted pasty-skinned women

strength Coach - Charles Staley(lucky enough to have him for real)

nutrition - Either Lyle Mcdonald or John Berardi.

Oh yea DocT, have you ever heard the joke about when Boudreaux and Thibaudeaux went to heaven.LOL! I must have heard a thousand of them.