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If You Can't Squat, Do This Mobility Work

Hello fellows, so Im the one who posted this time ago:

The first video showed some serious movement restriction.

I dealt with this for years. The idea of posting here my problem was phenomenal, as you will see my progress.

I started with even problems sitting down. Yes, I had THAT movement restriction. I basicaly needed to throw me in a chair to sit down.

A combination of a past car accident and some years office work did that.

I had (and have but im improving a lot every day) a lot of posture problems without noticing. The only visible outcome of this chain of problems was that everry time I tried to squat I basically fall backwards.

The problem whas that I wasnt proyecting my hips acordingly, you have the video of the old neuropattern in the post mentioned above.

So I have been doing THIS routine 5 days a week:

1º http://desgarromuscular.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/06/esguincedetobillo_estiramiento-300x195.jpg

1 x 1 min + 1 x 3 min each heel

2º WIthout bending over, and grabbing a table as a support, go down doing the squat movement and wait in that position forcin a little bit the internal-hip tendons.

same, 1x1 min + 1x3 min (3 min in that position is HARD, i usually just bend down after that some seconds)

3º http://www.consejosfitness.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/06/estiramiento.jpg

1x1 min + 1x3 min

4º and finally, http://i.ytimg.com/vi/26I2V3ifLqI/maxresdefault.jpg

1x1 min + 1x3 min

Everyday, 5 times a week, let it rest on weekends.

This routine is amazing, it simply works, surely you dont have half the movility issue you think you have! just try this, Its working for me, here is the last video, compare it to the first video in the post i mentioned early.