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If You Can't Squat Deep...


...you should consider taking up golf, it might fit your psyche better.


I did. I'm much better at it.


Well, that was random.

What does one do if they suck at golf?


Golf fucking sucks.

I hate that game with a passion.

Went with like 3 other guys, and I cant hit straight for shit.

I can smash the fuck out of the ball, but thats not useful because it doesn't go straight.

Even if I hit softer I cant hit it straight.

Besides sucking hard at it, Gold is SOOOO boring, I was considering trying to drown myself in that lake thing.

Eventually I just got drunk and started trying to flip the cart with everyone in it, not that hard actually.

Bowling sucks too, fuck that game. Eventually I just start throwing the ball at the pins underhand style.

And thats why Im no longer welcome in polite society at family establishments.


take up knitting???


Plus, dude... You're purple. Not to stereotype or anything, but yeah, you're purple.


I'm sorry but Golf is fun.

a) you get to walk around on a nice day

b) it's a lot of hard work but rewarding

c) the sound of the perfect drive, that clink, is just so damn satisfying.

It's not at all the "old rich snobby" sport anymore.


Yes and no.

Hitting balls at a driving range = fun. When you hit it just right and get the "clink", it's pretty cool - especially when you connect with a run-up, ala Happy Gilmore.

Walking around for 6 or 7 hours on a golf course chasing a white ball is not that entertaining, at least for me.

It's up there with the most boring sports to watch, no doubt about that.


frisbee > golf

but frolf still sucks


How about "If you can't squat deep then get some ART or start some stretching". Or you can be an elitist badass and tell everyone to fuck off and just stop working out.

Whatever works for you.


I hate golf too, but I won the last (and only) tournament I was in. It was just one of those company things but all the sales guys and all the execs golf on a regular basis. I hadn't golfed in 7 or 8 years before and haven't golfed since. I practiced my putting for three days beforehand. I knew I'd be fine on my driving. I thought irons would be my downfall, but I got into a lucky groove.


you only have to squat deep enough....


LOL stallion, you must be in a tough ass training cycle as of late.


I don't squat deep unless I absolutely have to- i.e. some hardassed side judge redlighting my lifts. I'd rather squat heavy.

Golf is fun. Any excuse to dick off all day drinking cold beer in the hot sun is alright by me. Watching golf is pretty boring. But, then again, watching powerlifting is pretty boring too.


Not being able to squat deep enough has nothing to do with poor hip mobility, stiff hamstrings or other issues. And forcing yourself to go deep will cause more problems and dealing with it takes time.

lots of idiotic random blabla as usual from the topic starter as usual.


Getting stronger is always such a pain in the ass to fix!


yup and if you fix the problems it'll be worth it :smiley:


golf ruins a nice walk.


...What if you're not flexible enough?...

Either way, there's no excuse... The one and only excuse that gym idiots have always had, (something about bad for the knees) have already been debunked by Christian Thibaudeau and Mark Rippetoe, and probably many more strength training gurus... Oh boy, why else should we quarter squat?


Hehe... absolutely wonderful bunch you are! Where was all the angry replies, almost none! Great! Well, for a change I won't do any self promotion, but here is a random dude I subscribe to that did some nice squats recently. I was kind of expecting some poor depth squats, but this was great stuff:

Random dude, honest form, good weight. This is what it is about. I also saw some random dude do a 1/4th gm with a loaded bar of 170kg+50kg chains. Stuff like that I just don't understand why people do... Now that I think of it, I did a lot of stupid things myself when I started training. I remember I put 230kg on my back and just did some veru slight kneebends. I was actually proud of this at that time, but then one day, I got a sudden sharp lateral tilt of the spine, and I realized that it wasn't so smart after all. Then I went on and trained the squat like a mad man, because I loved it. But the squats were of awful form, and when I look at those today, I cannot help but smile.

But my EGO was skyrocketing high, and I didn't listen to advice from old lifters. One lifter told me: You are to thin: You must eat more! I got offended! Today, I would say the same to any young lifter. I overloaded the bar on squats and got extra help from a friend, someone at the nation yelled at me and told me to do the freaking rep alone. I got offended. Today I would say the same thing to anyone that does "assisted" squats.. Time changes everything, and the old saying that, "Flaming someone that is not as educated or knowledgeable as you, is like flaming yourself 10 years ago", is very true.

We all have different lives, we all have different careers, but we all like to lift heavy stuff, and get better at it. Once it gets to your blood, you can't quit. On a general note I think wisdom and calmness takes over for EGO as the years go. There will still be a ego, but not all that apparent. Perhaps in a 10 years time I will be squatting humongous weight and look back at these days that are the present and smile about that crazy dude. Life is and adventure. We only have one life, so get STRONG! :slightly_smiling:

-- stallion