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Following a recent post by Whiskey the Pooh, I think the better question is “if there was no such thing as sex would you still want to hang around with women?”.

Not as much. Near zero.


At least 4 of my very good friends are females who I’ll never have sex with, nor want to. I still hang with them.

Well that depends, is there still such thing as blowjobs?

Only if they squat and deadlift, not to mention box, like Patricia.

Chicks are easier to talk to. I wouldn’t mind sex with most of my best female friends, at all. It’s just not my goal with any of them. Well, most of them.

Chicks are easier to talk to?? Why - what tha hell are you talking about?

Well, since I am a woman sex doesn’t usually enter my mind when I deal with women. Maybe that has some correlation to why I can’t stand 99% of them.

What would be the point? Unless they are unattractive, I’ve thought about having sex with all my female friends at some point or another. If there was no sex, I wouldn’t want anything to do with women. The emotional bullshit, dumb mind games and inability to be rational wouldn’t be worth the hassle!

I used to always have many female friends, but I’ve gotten tired of the aforementioned shit, so I rarely hang out with any female friends anymore. I have a girlfriend, so that’s enough. I’d rather spend time hanging out with guys since we get along better, don’t go on emotional episodes, joke about anything and everything and are more rational!


Not really, unless they are cool…Which is rare, but it does happen.

Hell yeah! The joy of flirting, teasing, and the fact that most of them think the same thing we think. It does not always have to be about the act, but rather what gets you to the act.

Flirting and all the other things that “get you to the act” are mostly fun because they’re practice for getting sex. So without sex, there’s no point in flirting, is there?

That wasn’t sarcastic, it’s a genuine question: is there a point without the promise of sex?

Sorry for derailing a little…


So basically the theory is right…if men could get there sex and babies with women you wouldn’t want us around, not that most of you do anyways.

Yeah sure…seeing as I seem to never have sex with them I won’t be missing much. Braahahahah. Hey wait a minute…Waahahhhhhhh. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hmmmmmm could these women I’m not having sex with that I’m hanging around with be kissing each other in a really hot way? Yeah too chicks baby. If so then yes. :wink:

now i pose the same question to the women, only vice-verca. come on ladies, let’s here it.

Doh…I mean two chicks. Hope the spelling police didn’t see that. :wink:

To me flirting does not have to equal the conquest of sex. Rather it is a form of social interaction that leaves both sides feeling good about one another. I have some close friends that I flirt with and have no intention of getting it on with them.