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IF While Enhanced?

So i really like this forum, and some may have noticed i been active here lately.

I like to hear people’s opnion.

Learn something new.

Today i want to hear, if anyone have experience with ,intermittent fasting while on gear.

I have personally been a big fan before i was enchanced.

I have tried 1 cycle Test E and Tren E + clen

I cutted at 2900 cal at my lowest and i made some okey progress this was back in 2019 feb.



End 10 week

image image

What do you guys say.

Does intermittent fasting gives any advantage or would i have made more progress if i had 5 meals spread out of the day?

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I have friends that swear by it. My wife does IF too. I’ve never tried it nor wanted to. I have to eat every 1-2 hours like a freaking baby LOL. Sorry I’m of no help here. It looks like you leaned out a bit from your cycle but you looked good prior. Try to take your before and afters in the same relaxed frontal position for better comparisons. Utilize the same place and lighting as well.

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Think Intermittent fasting was easy for me as i stopped my drug abuse and started training so i was used to never eat lol

Defently agree on the picture light and posistion.
Sadly im the kind of guy that destroy, my phone every 3 month.
so these was just some picture i found from me and my friend chat on facebook.

Leaness was outstanding, never been more lean every veins was popping i remember :slight_smile:

Now im fat fuck dadbod.

Hope things chance over the next couple month maybe i should do that same cycle with IF and Log it on the forum :open_mouth:

So these are old pics? You look kinda like a naturally lean guy. Small waist etc. Well it shouldn’t take you long to get back!

Year 2019 feb.

Then my gf got pregnant at 2019 august. Weighted 94kg

I started messing up diet stopped training jan 2020 started training and diet 55 days ago exactly I weighted in at 95.1 kg 55 days ago

Natrual maybe if i was older but pretty good genetics to have that physic at 24 y/o

Cutting sucks. IF can make it either suck a lot less or a lot more, depending on how you react to it. Giving yourself a small window in which you can eat is great if you’re reducing calories, assuming you’re not like me and want to kill every last morherfucker on planet earth when you’re hungry. Doing it while enhanced is obviously much better than doing it natty. All the dangers of low calories and catabolism get reduced a lot when you’re on steroids, so it makes sense to pair those two together if your goal is to drop bf.

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Hunger have never been a problem for me, either when fasting or eating every 4 hours i manage to control it well.

My problem cutting calories, is that i fell very shitty and lazy.
Thats mainly why i hate cutting

I don’t get the lazy/lethargic part, thankfully. It’s just the hunger and the frustration that follows. I will say that I got used to IF after about two weeks, so I can imagine a world in which I do it in intervals throughout the year.

IF makes maintaining a caloric deficit easier for me. I do it on cycle, too, hoping the heightened protein synthesis from the gear offsets any loss I might have not ingesting protein for part of the day. Sounds like it may work for you with your ability to ignore hunger pangs.