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If Tren is Best, What's 2nd?


Seems like 99% will agree that tren is best. Well all my tren sources just dried up, so I'm weighing my options of what I could do next, and would like to collect opinions.

Was considering Drostanolone Enanthate (masterone) or Nandrolone Phenylpropionate (durabolin) ( stacked with test, should be assumed but in case it wasn't ).

I understand both are for different goals, so I'll say best defined by effective results with the least side effect potential.


Still cannot really answer accurately. 2nd most effective results with least side effect potential when stacked with test? I mean I'd probably lean towards mast myself since Im kinda anti-deca but thats me and my own experience and my own goals. I'd advise you to article your specific training goals and desired physique results and what not then select the compound that fits those goals. As opposed to finding some arbitrary best product and then bending to its strengths.


Id pretty much considerd masteron and nandrolone as polar opposite drugs in terms of effects.

No reason to attempt to compare them.

"effective results". in what sense? "results" can take on many different meanings depending on who you ask.


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effective results being doing what they are designed to do. Mast being a cutting agent, nan being a bulking agent.

I was just looking to see what people liked, other than tren, regardless of goal. I think most would agree tren is their number 1 substance, number 2 would be a different story, likely because we all have different goals.

I've had some time to think though and I think I'm going to stack mast, npp, and test iso. I haven't decided the exact doses but something like 200mg of test iso and 300 mg of npp and mast enathate a week.


300mg of NPP per week is a nice start. Kicks in fast and preferred by most who have tried it over deca. But still be careful of the same libido issues.

So, 200mg Test iso per day?