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If This Isn't Fail, I Don't Know What Is


Yeaaaaahhhh… Suuure.

"Tan & Tone America’s Robotic Exercise is different than the traditional gym. The mirrored walls are replaced by customer success cards… 1000’s of them!!! Conversation and fun replace grunts and groans of people working out. No iron pumping machines either! The Robotic Workout is based on resistance and high repetitions. Compare about 260 reps in a traditional workout with 2640 reps on the Robotic equipment. Anyone can do it because the equipment supports your weight. Since it is resistive exercise you go at your own pace starting from day one. Tan & Tone America founder, Ed Shelby says, “If you are wanting build muscles, go to a gym, but if your fitness program is based on losing weight, Robotic Exercise is for you.”

We are so confident in our Robotic Exercise program that we guarantee that you will lose at least one clothing size in the next 5 weeks or your money back! All you have to do is work out 3 times a week and drink 8 glasses of water a day."

What a crock of shit! I mean really now! The people that run these are as dishonest as a car salesman!
I think this is more of a scam than NutriSystem that’s being hawked by Tori Spelling and Jillian Barberi.

It looks like total BS.

But there’s a lot of money to be made from overweight people that want to lose weight but are too self-conscious to go to a real gym (Think of curves, this stuff, and probably a lot more to come).

Yeah, when you replace the “mirrors” with plain paint “walls of shame” for the piggies that would frequent that kind of place, you’re counting on shystering people out of their money.

I don’t think you’d build any muscle, but if dedicated SOME people could probably lose some body fat that way. Think NEPA all day long, w/ no workouts. Obviously not how I’d recommend someone to get in shape. Nor do I think it’s honest.

It’s places like these that make me think arson shouldn’t always be a felony.

[quote]Trenchant wrote:
It’s places like these that make me think arson shouldn’t always be a felony.[/quote]

Or blood drinking and execution style homicide, IMO.

Good post, lol