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If This Fell Off A Truck...


How much would you expect buyers to pay for these pre-filled, pre-mixed 45 I.U. GH Pens (Norditropin by Novo Nordisk)if they fell in your lap (on Bloomfield Ave. or wherever you live)?

How much scharole?



personally i wouldn't expect anything because i would KEEP THEM ALL FOR ME! But seriously most pharmacy prices are gonna be 12-15 per iu...but you have to balance that with the ability of most to obtain generic for 2-3 per iu. So if one were to shoot the middle at around 6-7 per iu considering the quality they could probably get it.


Now that's convenient! I wish trucks had the tendency to drop things like that around my neck of the woods.


no kidding

The only things I ever get that fell off a truck are screwdrivers and bungie cords.


Walgreens recommends



Where MIGHT one be able to find this at? I mean if I was, let's say, looking for it?