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If They Dieted...


I think it would be cool to have a "what if" thread about huge people dieting down to a lower bodyfat.....prompted by the thread in the BB forum asking how long to hold weight...and a post in inkaddicts log

The first guy id like to see shed some weight is Mark Fucking Hemry. This dude is currently 418 pounds and doesn't look all the sloppy..for a guy his height and weight.

And he's been close to 4bills si nce the first time I saw him. Back in the nation of domination......muscle maturity,yea? Lol

I remember at the arnold a few years ago I met him. his legs, in person are mindbottling. Haaha

Cool dude too, shame how black dudes get fucked over by the wwe.....but that's a whole other topic.

So who do you wish would cut down?

My head hurts thinking about Mark Henry. In a bb contest shape.










lol sacickas diet...

make cakes made out egg yolks and sugar...press 450lbs over head with no leg drive




i dont know if that was a compliment or a dis guys??


You nominated yourself first, how could it be a diss? :stuck_out_tongue:


Very good point, but u know how sarcasm flies around here!


Sarcasm? What? There's none of that around here. Please.


Sorry i must have been talking about bb.com.....


Or maybe you we're confusing sarcasm and racism again. There is an abundance of racism to go around here or so some will lead you to believe.


It wasn`t an insult on my part and propbably not RGSZ as either.

I was just going along with your nomination of yourself for the lulz. I think I remember you having a pic of yourself in the avy, you look good no homo tho.


Meh, i'm 'mixed race' so i can choose to be black or white depending how i feel on that day....


That won't fly below the Mason-Dixon line.





Aren't you Egyptian? Also, what kind of mood do you have to be in to choose being black over white?

(Sits back and waits for the race riot to begin while munching on popcorn)


Well half egyptian half English.

And i don't have a clue what the mason dixon line is.



It's pretty obvi... If he's in the mood for a girl with a giant ass... He's black. If he's in the mood for bigger titties... White.

If he's in the mood for fried chicken... Black. If he's in the mood for not having rhythm... White

If he's in the mood for basketball.... Black. If he's in the mood for camping... White

If he's in the mood for drinking Courvoisier... Black. If he's in the mood to go swimming... White

If he's in the mood for having a big weiner... Black. If he's in the mood for more than likely having an average to below average wiener... White