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If There Were No Articles?


Would you guys keep coming here just to post your training logs, journals, the GAL and SAMA, maybe Q&A with the coaches if there weren't any articles?


they are kind of in that thing over there in FA.

Have you guys checked that site? It does have good articles and they even had a contest.

I wish this side would have a contest. Cuz I would win, no matter what it was, even if I had to cheat.


I originally started coming to this site for the articles. As I visited the site more, I 'explored' more.

I would probably come but it be for old archives, program ideas, and nutrtion etc.

Althougth when the T-Vixen thread is on point it is a nice addition.


Yes I would, I used to basically only come here for the articles, I slowly transitioned, as I read more and more articles, to the point I'm at now where I basically only come for the forums. I usually skim through the daily articles and if they're something that piques my interest I'll read it, if not I just refresh GAL or SAMA.


HA! I don't think anyone would mess with you.


it's my ninja skills


I'll take you on. I'll win too.


it would only be if I let you

I keep saying.. I am a ninja

wait, how would we be competing? because I cannot spell my name when I pee which sucks because my name has a lot of loops and is easy for men... it is a long name though


I come here to give/take advice. Read the articles is a daily for me. Work on my joke/ball bustin' skillz. Compare my brute to other brutes.

So, yes if there were no articles I would still show up. I think the dialogue that's developed is phenomenal and has become self-sufficient.


Other than the TC manliness article, I haven't read one in months.


I've already been conscripted to wrestle OG, so we've got that contest. Ponce is making our post-wrestling sandwiches.

Bitch is going down.

I came for the articles, stayed for the fora.


I come for PMPM's legs....


wait... did PushMe just say I get to go down on her?

Ponce is my post-wrestling sandwich




Gosh darn it, this seems to happen alot:

I click on a thread that TC has just posted on, expecting him to reveal something about the inner workings of T-Nation - whether that be new information about T-Nation's sister website, a teaser about a new supplement, or information about the next super-program - and instead it's his response to some double-entendre two posts earlier.

OK, so maybe it doesn't happen alot, but it's happened before. At least once, maybe even twice.


I started out coming here for the articles, but now I think the forums are more helpful. Although I still enjoy the Atomic Dog.


you stalker.... I'm watching you now


Aww, you're just jealous that I'm stalking TC instead of you.


true, very true


First thing I do when I log on to my computer every morning is read the latest article. Then check the deMotivational pics thread for funnies, then start work.


I'm really not all that scary, I promise.